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Chapter 1: Celebration


Dii . . .


. . . iinngg~!




My eyes flung open while my mind still in the hazy fog of dreams. Regaining my reality, I glanced at the bedside clock.


[7:05 pm]


After the meeting and lunch with Uncle Luke, I returned to my condo. I was planning to watch a movie for the rest of the afternoon, but drowsiness overtook me. I was even wearing the dress at the meeting.

I sighed and drank a glass of water on top of my bedside table. It had been a long time since I dreamed of that particular event of my life.


Associating with Cain Fay brings back bad memories! I concluded.




I scrambled to my feet and rushed to the living area. The pretty face of the reception lady appeared on the screen when I pressed the intercom.


Hello Miss Lee, Mr. Zhander Jansen is in the lobby and wanted to see you, saying that its urgent,” she said, voice and face apologetic.


I sighed.


It turns out, no matter how over the top the security is, its still useless against people like Zhander Jansen.


I didnt make it difficult for the reception lady. Alright, tell him to wait. Ill be in the lobby in a moment.”


After checking my appearance, I went down and greeted the impatient face of Zhander. When he saw me, his face lit up.


Is it your habit of not answering your phone? he said, voice teasing paired with a playful smile.


My mood brightened upon seeing his pleasant smile.


It was refreshing.


Sorry I was asleep. Whats up?


Zhander approached me in even strides. I raised my head and met his gaze.


Lets celebrate. Jansen Corp. will fund Azuela Cove,” he said, smiling from ear to ear.


Somebodys in a good mood.


Inflicted with his cheerful mood, I felt light and pondered his invitation.


Ill be leaving New York tomorrow, might as well go exploring with him.


I nodded, and Zhanders face brightened as his smile widened.


Where are we going?I asked.


Its a surprise.”


Alright, let me go get my phone and bag.”


Zhander grabbed my hand, pulled me out of the lobby, and dragged me in front of his car before I could take a single step back to my unit.


Theres no need for that. Its my treat, and Ill take you home safely before midnight.”


I didnt have the chance to complain when he opened the passenger door, guided me inside, and drove off to who knows where.

It was unusual for me to be together with a man, even more so if it was only the two of us. But I had faith in Zhander maybe because I trusted Uncle Luke. But when he said to celebrate, I was expecting a cozy, peaceful dinner, perfect with candlelight, jazz music, and whatnot.


Never in my wildest dreams that he brought me inside a sophisticated modern inspired room, which sat in the sixty-five story of a seventy story building with skyline views, huge dance floor, chockfull of lipstick-red boots, sassy grown-ups downing on vintage and seasonal drinks, eclectic crowd getting wasted and DJs spinning wild mix of sounds that pulled everyone to their feet.


Its utter chaos!

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