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Chapter 48: Advice


Are you going to tell me why Cain Fay is looking at you the whole time?


Uncle Luke and I were currently having lunch inside his office when he asked me this question.


Hes just curious as to why a sixteen-year-old girl is at a billion-dollar project meeting, like everyone else,” I said, slicing my meat and ate it.


Raising an eyebrow, he stared at me with probing eyes.


Youve never been a good liar.”


I stopped chewing and returned his stare. Realizing that he wouldnt let me off if I didnt give him a satisfactory answer, I swallowed the meat and drank a glass of water before I narrated how I first met Cain Fay and his confession.


Well, someone is popular,” he said with a teasing tone.


I frowned. Hell get over it. His pride and ego are just looking for a challenge.”


I didnt know that I was cutting the meat with so much force until screeching noises of the knife against the plate hurt my ears.


Is it unbelievable that someone would like you?


No, its unbelievable that someone like Cain Fay would like me. That guy has everything, why me exactly? I hid my irritation beneath the calmness of my tone.


Uncle Luke stopped eating. His face serious as he said with a gentle tone, Why not you?


I lost my appetite.


I met his gaze, confused. What exactly is he trying to say?


Reading my expression, Uncle Luke supported his chin with one hand. Why dont you try and experience love?


Try it? Ive already done it, and I dont want to experience it again.


With a disgusted face, I took a deep breath. My attention flickered over the skyline. My mind drifting to that time.


. . .


. . .

As long as I dont fall in love, I will not be hurt. As long as I am indifferent to feelings, I will not be pained . . . ,” I whispered, talking to myself.


. . .


. . .


Uncle Luke briefly closed his eyes.


You speak as if love is not worth the heartache and the pain . . .” He smiled, wrinkling the lines around his eyes.


My dear Leanna . . . its not love that cause the heartache and the pain. Its the wrong man you choose to give it to.”


“. . .”


I was speechless.


I couldnt believe that this intimidating old man was so passionate about love.


And Cain Fay is not the wrong man? Hes still engaged when he confessed to me. He just broke off his five long years engagement just like that.” I snapped my fingers, my irritation and grievances broke the calmness of my voice. The feelings I suppressed broke free.


Realizing what I said, I lowered my head, feeling embarrassed with my sudden outburst.


You should know that sometimes, engagement is a form of business transaction.”


I sighed. I dont care about it anymore. Once Im in New Haven, hell find someone else wholl entertain him. Im just a passing character in his li––


Did you know that Cain Fay was labeled asexual? he cut in.


I was quiet for a moment, trying to process what he said, and was shocked when my brain finally responded.


Interested now?


Taking the chance of my silence, he continued, “He was diagnosed as asexual, thats why his family proposed marriage between their longtime business partners, the Goldwood. He called off his engagement maybe because he met you. The woman who made him fall in love for the first time.”


I huffed a dry laugh.


Uncle Luke, why do you defend the guy so much?


He grinned. “Aside from the reason that our families were longtime friends, Cain Fay is a decent man.” He drank his tea and added, And a nice catch,” he teased.


I massaged the center of my brows. I dont want to think of that right now. Im still young.”


I could only make this excuse for him to let me off. I didnt know why he insisted on matching me with Cain Fay.


Uncle Luke sighed as he shook his head.


If you dont fight for it now, dont cry for what youll lose later.”

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