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Chapter 47: Lunch

It was eerily quiet for a moment, until Evelyn Goldwood broke the silence.

She looked at me with a stretched eyebrow. “Ahhh… little girls’ imaginations nowadays are purely fantasies that I can only envy as for grown-ups can no longer imagine such things.”

I smiled bitterly and pretended to look at the files.

This was why I didn’t want to attend adult meetings. Give them my opinion and they would dismiss it as merely as a child’s fantasies.

“I think it’s a brilliant idea.” Hynes Fay rubbed his chin and looked at me with approval.

“Cutting the project into phases to reduce the cost, and at the same time, generate income with each phases. Building at a time while gaining the public’s support and approval.”

I smiled sweetly at him.

I instantly like the old man.

“It has logic, instead of building in one go, we can do it into phases. When you think about it, it is just like building another of our previous projects.” James Jansen smiled at me while supporting his chin with his hands.

Evelyn just ‘huramp’ and rolled her eyes, yet she didn’t say anything more.

“You found yourself a tactician, Zhander.” Jaime Jansen glanced at his son, then he smiled at me, “and so young at that.”

Zhander was quiet for a moment. His deep violet eyes stared intently into mine.

“Yes, I plan to keep her from now on.”

Instantly, I blushed. Embarrassed, not minding the chilly air emanating from Cain. I looked at Uncle Luke with pleading eyes to save me.

But much to my dismay, the old man appeared to be enjoying my predicament.

“Anyone who is interested can sign the contract prepared for you. If you have any more queries, Zhander will accommodate you all. If it’s nothing else, then the meeting is adjourned.” Uncle Luke stood up, and I immediately followed.

We were all outside the boardroom and I was about to make my way into the elevator lobby when I heard my name.


I turned around and saw Cain and Zhander approaching me. I panicked and wanted to run, but my feet remained rooted to the spot.

“Let’s have lunch,” both the men said. And at the same time it took me to blink, they were right in front of me.

“I-I…” I immediately thought of an excuse, but the men in front of me were adamant in not letting me off the hook.

“Where do you want to eat lunch, I’ll treat you for a job well done today.” Zhander held my right hand oblivious to Cain’s icy intimidating air.

“No, come with me to lunch. We’ll eat rice together.” Cain held my other hand and gently stroked it.

The people who saw the scene instantly froze on their spot. Many emotions could be seen on their faces. They appeared to be watching a rare show.

Only I could feel a murderous aura emanating from one of the audience.

Holley Goldwood’s angelic face appeared to be distorted. Her eyes were glowing with hate like anytime now, she would murder me.

“Leanna will be having her lunch with me.”

Luke Jansen leisurely walked towards us like an Emperor. He raised an eyebrow looking at the two men.

Instantly, the men withdraw their hands, freeing me.

My savior!!

“Leanna, come.” Uncle Luke walked towards his office not glancing back. I followed him like a lost puppy leaving the two men behind.

I heard the faint melancholic voice of Holley Goldwood as I entered Uncle Luke’s office.

“Cain, have lunch with us…”

I frowned and closed the door.

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