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Chapter 46: Input


At the corner of my eyes, Cains frosty eyes were looking at my face. His expression was much softer than usual and . . . affectionate?


My temperature rose, and I shifted my legs from his reach. Though the table was wide, Cain was a tall man. His feet easily reached mine. Even with my best efforts of cramping my legs in my seat was useless.


Couldnt stand the ticklish feeling and the burning of my body, I threw him a what-the-hell-are-you-doing kind of look and kicked his feet.


Cains face remained unmoved like my best effort didnt budge the big block of ice.


I ignored him and reverted my attention to Zhanders presentation, listening to his soothing voice.


I thought Cain would stop his childish behavior, but much to my horror, he continued caressing my legs, and now, up to my thighs.


I shivered. My eyes widened. I couldnt believe that this man would harass me in the middle of the day with so many prominent figures present!


I brought out my phone and messaged him.


[Me: STOP IT!]


[TheArcticEmperor: Then dont look at him. Look at me instead]


I almost pass out when my blood surged to my brain, feeling like the room was spinning that I forgot to cringe at his very awkward reply.


This man! Hes flirting with me, right?! Hes definitely flirting with me!


[Me: I thought wed agreed that you wont pursue me anymore!]


[TheArcticEmperor: Im not pursuing you, Im flirting with you]


“. . .”

This . . . how am I to reply to this?! Damn it!


I couldnt believe that this ice-cold man could flirt with a poker-face. Wasnt he ashamed or embarrassed?!


Doesnt he know thats overkill?! What am I supposed to do?!


This never happened to me before, not even in my previous life.


No men dared approach my intimidating blockade. My insuperable barrier kept everyone at bay. Even my ex-boyfriend took a roundabout way of approaching me.


This man. Only this man. He was like a wrecking ball forcefully shattering his way into my heart.


Feeling the headache, I gave up and shut my phone inside my bag. I then focused my attention on the files on the table instead.


Thankfully, he finally stopped pestering me.


Zhander finished his presentation, but everyone was in deep thought about his proposal. It was expected since the concept was new. No matter how impressive the presentation was, it still didnt hide the fact that the project was unconventional and risky.


What do you think?


Everyone couldnt hide their surprise when the oh so powerful Luke Jansen asked a sixteen-year-old girl.


The concept and idea are new. If youre hesitating to invest because of that, we can always conduct a feasibility study,” I said, concentrating on the files in my hands.


Forget about feasibilities, but what is it for us? Four billion dollars is no small amount.” Evelyn Goldwood swept everyone with her gaze. The tone of her voice didnt complement the gentleness of her smile.


Not to mention the peoples reaction to the new development,” James added as he stared at me with probing eyes. He gave me the impression that he wanted to test me.


I closed the files and gathered everyones gaze. I took a deep breath and explained in a calm tone.


The development is enormous. It will not just create a commercial, residential, and entertainment area, but a community. Lets chop it all into phases. The first phase is the entertainment. Beautify the place, build facilities, and perform activities that will attract people. Like parks, playgrounds, removable bars, anything thats not permanent and easily relocated in the future. By this we can attract and make everyone comfortable with the place, at the same time, slowly advertising the development.


I held Evelyn Goldwoods calm and mocking eyes.


As for the return of investments, one hundred million should be enough for the first phase. The activities and facilities can all generate income. After the people warm up with the place, lets start building phase two, which are the commercial, malls, offices, and BPOs, and at the same time, building phase three, the residential areas. Lets build it near the beach. An estate near the beach is an attractive investment. I assume with this, the four billion can be broken into parts and allocate to different phases. Simultaneously, these phases can generate income, making the overall cost not too much of a burden.”

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