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Chapter 45: Staring

Resigned to my faith, I sat beside Uncle Luke.

I could feel the curious and indifferent glances thrown at me.

I checked my phone.

[9:45 AM]

The meeting starts at ten.

I’m not late, am I?

“Since everyone is here, I think an introduction is in order.”

Zhander’s deep voice echoed. He glanced at me before returning his gaze to everyone else. When his eyes met Cain, sparks instantly lit.

“There’s no need for that, we all knew each other here except for that little girl who came in last,” said a gentle tone that came from an elegant, beautiful middle-aged woman. She was glowing from all the expensive pieces of jewelry she was wearing. She seemed to be an older version of Holley Goldwood.

She emphasized the ‘came in last’ part that I couldn’t help but frown.

I’m bad at dealing with these kinds of pretentious people, gentle on the outside but vicious in the inside.

I looked at the people in front of me. I was seated in the only vacant chair beside Uncle Luke who was sitting at the center of the big table. Directly in front of me is Cain Fay and beside him, I assumed, is his father, Hynes Fay. Both men were dead set on staring at me with heated gaze. One with fiery intensity, and one with fiery curiosity.

Beside Hynes Fay was Jaime Jansen, Zhander’s father. His gaze also held amusement, holding a slight smile as he stared at me.

On the other hand, seated next to me was James Jansen, the youngest son of Uncle Luke. I assumed that he was also staring at me. Beside James Jansen was the mother and daughter pair with their gentle smiles and sizing eyes. There were also two other middle-aged men whose face were familiar, but I forgot the names.

I’m not even late people! Stop staring at me! Is it a crime to come in last?!

Luckily, Zhander felt that the atmosphere became uncomfortable for me, he motioned his hand to introduce me.

“Everyone, this is Leanna Lee, one of my consultants for this project.”

“Mr. Zhander sure jest, this young girl doesn’t even seem to be eighteen yet.” Evelyn Goldwood glanced at me, her gentle face trying to held a smirk.

“Mrs. Goldwood, when it comes to my projects, I only choose the best people regardless of their age.”

Although Zhander’s voice was calm, it didn’t hide the contempt in it.

The atmosphere immediately turned tense.

Ahhh… Zhander, are you an idiot? You needed these people to invest in your project. Is it alright for you to provoke them?

“My time is limited, let’s get straight to the point.”

Fortunately, Uncle Luke saved the day.

Zhander began presenting his proposals. It was brief, concise, and straight to the point. All the key features and concepts were explained as short and clear as possible.

I was engrossed in listening to Zhander’s deep manly voice when I felt something soft and gentle caressing my leg.

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