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Chapter 44: Broken Engagement


—- Cain Fay and Holley Goldwood five years engagement –– broken off —-


I stared blankly at the front page of the newspaper. The handsome ice-cold face of Cain Fay was plastered on the paper together with a charming, elegant young lady.


I was reading the article, but my brain was blank as my eyes stuck on the words broken engagement.’ I couldnt process anything else besides those words.


My fingers skimmed my lips. I still hadnt recovered from that unexpected kiss. Many emotions swirled inside me, but above all else was anger.


What does he want to imply?! It still doesnt change the fact that he confessed while hes still engaged!


Five years?! Five years! And he threw it all away like its nothing when he finds someone new?!


It was seven in the morning, and the meeting for Azuela Cove was at ten later. I crumpled the news, threw it into the trash, and went straight in my bathroom to get ready.


After taking a bath, I put on the charcoal-colored wrap dress and black ankle-strap pump shoes I prepared yesterday night. I puffed light make-up on my face and raised my hair in a tight ponytail.


I checked my reflection on the mirror, making sure I achieved the formal look I wanted. Satisfied, I put on a gemstone bracelet and crystal clear pierced pearl earrings.


I grabbed my black channel flap bag, shoved everything inside, and went out of my bedroom.


When I pushed the door to exit my unit, I was stopped in my tracks when a large powder pink colored rose laid at my doorstep.


It wasnt there when I went to get the newspaper.


I picked the stem of the rose and inspected it for a card or anything of the sender.


“. . .”




My eye slid to the white rose yesterday that prettily stood in a glass bottle.


I frowned when an image of an otherworldly man appeared in my mind. I shook the image away.


Still doubtful, I placed the pink rose together with the white rose. I stared at it for a moment. Realizing it wouldnt talk for answers, I exit my unit.

When I arrived at Tower One where Luke Jansens office resides on the topmost floor, I was greeted by crowds of paparazzi the moment I stepped into the spacious lobby. Newscasters and journalist from different entertainment, newspapers and magazine companies, flocked the entrance.


This was the first that I saw a herd of media people. A good thing that they all just stood there. Seemed to be waiting for someone.


Are their famous people inside? Did a celebrity come?


After weaving myself through the crowds, I rode the elevator and was greeted by Fredrick Lang, Uncle Lukes secretary, when I reached the CEOs office.


Hello Miss Lee, this way please.”


I smiled and followed him into a large room, which appeared to be the boardroom. I went inside and locked gazes with a pair of cold frosty aquamarine eyes.


Whats he doing here?!


I retracted my gaze to another part of the room and noticed that there were quite a few people present, including a glowing young lady who stuck out like a fairy, sitting pretty in a black and white room.


Holley Goldwood


So thats why there were so many media, the objects of todays news are here. Not thinking, I turned and exit when Fredrick blocked himself between me and my only way to freedom.




Uncle Lukes commanding tone bounced along the quiet room.

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