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Chapter 43: Congratulations


Every people present in the room shivered when Cains face darkened as his pupils constricted.


Hynes scooted over to his wife for protection while the latter trembled, hugging her husband back.


Dark clouds and thunder hovered on Cains head, and with almost grinding teeth, he answered, emphasizing each word.




The Fay couple sighed in relief. They completely forgot all about the broken engagement. Their son liking a girl became the number one priority.


Still anxious and worried, Lily asked, Who is she? Which family does she belong to? When will you bring her here? Do you really like her?


Cain didnt answer his mothers barrage of questions. Instead, he shot a look at their familys therapist.


Jin Li, getting the cue, stepped in.


Master and Madam, allow me to question the young masters feelings for the girl.”


The couple hesitated for a moment but realizing that asking Jin Li about this kind of matters would give them more honest answers –– they nodded.


Estela, who had been watching quietly at the side, giggled. Now she knew why his brother brought Jin Li over. It turned out, her brother didnt want to explain and have Jin Li do all the talking for him.


Proving to their parents his genuine feelings for the girl was the only way to let the matter of the engagement be wholly thrown away.


Then young master, allow me to start,” Jen Li said with a serious face.


Cain nodded and closed his eyes, bored with all this drama.


Does your heart beats more when you see her?


Cain nodded.


You cant stop thinking of her? Care for her? And find her quirks charming?


Yes, yes, and yes.”


Do you love the idea of spending time with her and will go through hoops to be with her?




You dont mind compromising and let other priorities take a setback for her?




Do you want to make love with her?


Very much.”


Do you think of the future with her by your side?


Cains cold icy countenance was a lot warmer when he opened his eyes, and the room was covered with rays of sunshine and blossoming tropical flowers complete with beaches and sand.


I want to marry her.”


CONGRATULATIONS! Master, Madam, the Young Master is not asexual at all!


Lily jumped from her seat with joy, clapping her hands in delight. Hynes was more mindful of his image as he remained seated, but his face was overflowing with pride as if his son graduated college with the highest honor.


Estela was ecstatic, and she ran around the room, jumping and skipping a step while shouting.


I knew it! I knew it! I knew iiittt! Brother is not asexual after all! How can he be asexual when our family is this perverted?!


She hugged her brother from behind. Quick! Whos the lucky girl?! Bring her here now! Dont keep her away from us, you stingy devil!


Head Butler! Quick! Ask the chef to ready the finest food! This is a joyous occasion! We have to celebrate!Lily hollered.


And the head butler ran to the kitchen and informed the chefs, and maids to quickly ready the dining area.


Cain! When will you two get married?


Lily and Hynes could already feel holding their grandchildren –– until Cain smashed their illusions to dust.


Im still working on it,” Cain replied as calm as his face.




Hynes, Lily, and Estela gathered around him. They couldnt believe that there was someone who resisted Cains charms.


Who is Cain Fay?


He is seated at the helm of the Fays family empire. He got the looks, power, status, and wealth.


Only a crazy blind woman would dare reject him.


I want you all not to interfere.” Cain swept everyone with his stern gaze, warning apparent in his tone.


Hynes, Lily, and Estela glanced at each other and pretended to compose themselves as they hid a wicked smile underneath their cool facade.

In the dead of night inside the Fays family mansion. After the joyous celebration, each pretended to retire to their rooms.


The Fays secret spy networks were working overnight, running around all over the place, and a certain famous camera and lens shop was woken from the order of their latest camera and zoom lenses.

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