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Chapter 42: Confrontation


Brother! My God, Ive been contacting you for ages! Where are you?! Whatever you do, dont come home! Mother and Father are throwing a fit right now! Why didnt you tell me that youll call off your engagement?! This is like the helm of the gossip news! Ooooohhh~ wait when I tell Uncle Hardin about this! Itll be another boost to our Platinum entertai––!


Estela,” Cain softly interrupted his little sister, tell Uncle Hardin not to spread the news just yet. Not until the day after tomorrow.”


Why?! This is a big scoop! What if others beat us to it?!


Ive already asked Zhane to take care of any leak. Wait for my signal to break the news. I dont want any paparazzi disturbing me tomorrow.”


Estela was quiet for a moment before she screamed. Expected this would happen, Cain pushed the phone away from his ears.


Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my Gooodd! The reason why you broke your engagement because it has something to do with you tomorrow, right?! You have to tell me! Im dying from suspense here! Tell me who she is! Spit it out! NOW!


The hardness on Cains face softened when he smiled –– no less from his little sister.


Ever since their father became sickly, he was trained to take over the family business at a young age. His DNA encoded cold personality turned even more frozen to the point that almost all people were afraid of him, even his parents.


Only this girl, his little sister would annoy him when others cowered into hiding from his presence.


Growing together, she developed some kind of ability to accurately guess his actions and gestures without him talking for he didnt like to speak much.


Im nearing home, tell mother and father to wait for me in the study.”


Wait! Brother! Dont––!


His sister didnt finish speaking when he ended the call.


He leaned on the couch and looked at the Fays family mansion on the planes window.


It had been months since he last returned home.

The study room in the Fays family mansion was eerily quiet like a century-old hunted house. Though the air-conditioning was off, the temperature was chilly cold, like any moment, it would drop below freezing point.


Estelas palms were cold, but she was sweating like crazy as she looked at the two men staring at each other in silence. They seemed to be talking with their mouth closed.


Jin Li, their family psychiatrist, was also present. Estela was a little lost as to why his brother called for their psychiatrist to attend a private family confrontation.


Couldnt stand the heavy silence, Lily Fay spoke first, Cain, why did you call off the engagement without saying a word? You were fine with it for five years. To suddenly break it now––


I found someone I like.” Cain cut her off.


With just his short sentence, all the whys have been answered.


Hynes and Lily were taken aback. They couldnt believe that their asexual son had fallen for someone.


Five years ago, when they consulted their only sons issue in lack of interest of women and sexual desires, they were worried and anxious when they learned that their only son was diagnosed as asexual.


Determined not to end the bloodline and worried for their sons future, especially their future grandchildren, they set an engagement to their longtime business partners daughter. However, since Holley Goldwood was still a minor at that time, they waited for her to turn eighteen.


Just one more year.


Hynes Fay curiosity won and he said to his son.


Its a woman, right?

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