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Chapter 41: Engagement

“What?! Break the engagement?!” Danal Goldwood almost had a heart attack. He looked questioningly at the cold man in front of him.

“C-Cain… y-you’re joking right?” Holley Goldwood chimed in. Her soft and gentle voice turned into a high pitch screech. “W-we’ve been engaged for five years. One more year till I turn eighteen will be married… W-why all of a sudden…?” She was crying now.

Evelyn Goldwood quickly rushed to her daughter’s aid, hugging her while looking at Cain with contempt. “Cain, we will not accept you breaking off the engagement. Does your parent’s know about this?! I don’t think Hynes and Lily Fay will approve of this!”

Cain calmly stared at the people in front of him.

After he finished hacking Zhane’s account, he immediately called the Goldwood’s family for a meeting at their estate.

“No need to call my parents.”

Cain raised his hand and Stevenson Gray, his lawyer, brought out a contract.

“According to the contract between families, the engagement can be broken off if the groom or the bride doesn’t want to marry anymore.” Stevenson’s business like tone resounded in the room.

“That is your reason?! After five years, you no longer wanted to marry?!” Danal Goldwood’s face was red with anger.

The engagement was an agreement between families five years ago. Cain didn’t object to it since the Goldwood’s were longtime business partners and one of the top ten wealthiest families in the world. It also helped him in blocking off women. He agreed to the engagement provided that in the future, they could break off the engagement if he or Holley Goldwood didn’t want to marry anymore.

They were useful. But now, he could only see them as a hindrance.

Cain slowly stood up from his seat. “That is all I came to say, farewell.”

Honestly, if it had been any other families, he wouldn’t personally go all the way to Washington on his private jet. But considering the years they had been business partners, he had to show them face.

“Cain!” Holley ran towards the man’s side, not minding her image anymore. She tightly hugged his arm.

“Cain! Please! Is it something that you don’t like about me?! I can change that! Tell me what you want me to do for you not to break the engagement!”

Cain’s already ice cold face turned even colder. Her loud screeched irritated him. He violently pulled his arm back.

Holley lost her balance from the sudden movement and fell on her butt.

“Holley!” Evelyn quickly kneeled beside her daughter worriedly.

Cain didn’t look at the two women and continued to walk out of the room.

Holley reached out her hand to Cain, but the cold, indifferent man just continued to walk out. She harshly turned to Danal Goldwood, her father. “Daddy! Stop him!” She cried.

“Cain! If you break the engagement, consider it that you, breaking off every relation!” Danal threatened.

Cain stopped in his tracks.

“Cain…” Holley gave out a relieved smile.

Danal smirked. He thought that Cain could break off the engagement, but the cold man couldn’t possibly break off all ties with them. The Fay would lose millions even billions if he did. Cain could only marry or forget all relations.

However, Cain only smirked.

“So be it.”

Then he continued to walk out, leaving the father, mother, and daughter, shocked out of their wits.

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