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Chapter 40: Kiss




Where are you? Ive been calling you since hours ago. Why arent you picking your phone? Zhander questioned, irritation in his voice.


Sorry I was asleep. Is something the matter?


“. . .”


Hello? Are you still there?


Are you at your condo? he asked instead, tone a little gentle now.


Er . . .” I stalled my answer and glanced at Cain. But the latter was dead set on pretending to concentrate on the road.


I will be . . . Why?


What do you mean you will be? Are you outside?


No . . . I mean, yes! I held my forehead. Why exactly are you calling?


“. . .”


“. . .”

Lets go out and have dinner. Ill pick you at your place at seven.”




The car skid to a stop. It was a good thing I buckled my seatbelt. I look at Cain with questioning eyes. Why did you stop?


There was a cat,” he said, refusing eye contact. His face was expressionless as he resumed driving like nothing happened.


I shot him a glare.


What happened? Are you in a car? Whos with you? Zhander asked one question after another.


I was speechless for a moment. I didnt know whether to answer his questions or not because he and I werent that close.


Leanna.” This time, Zhanders tone was cold. Ask Cain to drop you at Giardino Casa. Ill meet you there––


She isnt going.”


Before I could react, Cain was already holding my phone.


Cain, its not up to you whether Leannas going or not.”


I seized my phone from Cains hand and shifted it to my right ear. The temperature inside the car dropped to terrifying degrees. I ignored him and looked outside the window.


Mr. Jansen, Im sorry. I have urgent matters to do tonight, so I have to refuse your kind offer,” I said, massaging my temples.


Almost in an instant, the inside of the car turned warmer.


I was worried about catching a cold with all this abrupt changed of temperatures.


Zhander was silent on the other side. And when he spoke, his voice was calm, almost terrifying.


Are you going out with Cain?


Again! Whats with all these personal questions? How did you even know that Im with him?


Leanna . . . , Cain is already engaged to someone else.”


My heart froze, ignoring that the temperature inside the car dropped again. I didnt care as I felt like the whole world froze.




Zhander didnt finish talking when Cain stopped the car, unbuckled his seatbelt, and reached for my phone. He turned it off and placed it inside my bag, and then he resumed driving.


. . .


. . .


Youre already engaged, but you still spout that nonsense about being serious,” I said, voice flat. Face expressionless.


My eyes stuck on the window, I crossed my arms and shifted my body away from him.


“. . .”


“. . .”


Ive already broken off the engagement,” he said, voice low.


I snapped. Dont lie to me! If you did, why is it not on the news?! Your families are big shots! Any related happenings to you will surely be on the front page by now! I rebuked, confronting him with my voice.


Idiot! What are you doing? Whether he is engaged or not has nothing to do with you! Why are you even angry at him?!


Cain stopped the car. Not meeting my sharp glares, he said with a voice that was neither hot nor cold, Were here.”


I went out from the car and slammed it shut, not caring if I broke something from the impact. I rode the elevator and walked-ran until I was in front of my door.


I was about to swipe my card key when someone grabbed me from behind.


Cain had a gentle smile plastered on his face as I look over at him.


Irritated, I pushed him away. But before I did –– cold, moist lips covered my mouth.


It was light, gentle, and sweet, and before I could even blink, the sensation was gone.


Cains face held a satisfied smirk as he teasingly said, Goodnight.”


He then walked away, leaving me behind –– flabbergasted!

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