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Chapter 39: Call

The cold breeze that swift my nose made me woke up. I gradually opened my eyes to see a somewhat orange sky and trees.

Right, I’m at Central Park…

Still not getting up from my warm, soft cushion grass bed, I shifted my eyes to the person sitting beside me.

He was busy typing on his laptop and didn’t notice me staring at him. He was clearly under the warm dusk of the sun, but his entire body seemed to be cloaked in layers of ancient, everlasting ice.

The man appeared to have noticed my gaze and abruptly lifted that pair of frosty, crystal clear aquamarine eyes. His frosty gaze seemed to pierce right through me. But the moment he saw me, his layer of ice melted, and the corner of his lips curled upward.

“It’s cold at night, put on the coat.” Such icy cold voice carried a trace of undetectable concern.

I sat up and felt the drool on my lips. Embarrassed, I quickly wiped it off and pretended nothing happened. “What time is it?”

“Past six. Are you hungry? Let’s go grab something to eat.” He said as he closed his laptop and put it in his bag.

He lent a hand to me after he got up. I held his big warm somewhat callus hand to help me stood up.


I sneezed when the cold breeze blew my way. I shivered and embraced myself.

“Put on the coat.” He ordered.

I immediately put on his trench coat and warmth instantly engulfed me. It was comfortable. His jacket had his scent. It made me think that he was the one embracing me.



No! No! No! No! No!

I vigorously shook my head trying to shake off the idea.

Cain was staring at me, amusement in his eyes. “Are you alright?”

He stepped forward towards me and I instantaneously stepped backwards, wanting to put distance between us. “I’m fine.”

Cain looked at me for a moment, then he turned around and started walking. I followed after him.

When we were finally in his car, I immediately said, “I want to go home. I have some urgent things to do.”

Which was right, I have to read the proposal of Azuela Cove for tomorrow’s meeting.



… Okay! I also don’t want to have dinner with him for the reason that I’m afraid that he will say something that will make me choke.

Cain looked at me with ice cold piercing gaze which made me feel uncomfortable.

“Alright,” he replied after a moment and started the engine.

On the way to my condo, I grabbed my phone from my bag to pass the awkward silence inside his car. It surprised me to see that I had many missed calls and it was all from Zhander.

What does he want?

I was about to message him when my phone vibrated and his number appeared.

Startled, I almost dropped my phone.

I was contemplating whether to answer or not before glancing at Cain. The man didn’t seem to care as he continued to drove in silence.

Thinking that it was something important, I answered.

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