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Chapter 37: Vow

He knew that the best way to court her was to do it step by step. He was already prepared for a long-term battle. However, he didn’t think that his rationality was so weak that it would fly out of the window the moment there was a small opportunity.

It was a moment of impulse, and he acted rashly. He knew she would reject him. She didn’t trust him yet. But he still had to try the direct approach.

Who is it? Who is it that made you so afraid to trust?

As quiet as possible, he leaned over to attentively gazed at the sleeping beauty. Her deep brown eyes were closed, her cherry like lips hid a smile, making her appear increasingly pretty and tranquil.

Watching and watching her, a burst of emotions engulfed his heart. His hand reached out to touch her face, a beautiful feeling hits his finger. As though possessed, his breathing pattern shortened while he quietly gasped for air.

Difficult to resist, he lowered his body to hers, his heart beating anxiously. He could hear her soft breathing, making his heart grew excited.

Unable to restrain himself, he lightly kissed her hair, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, and then raised his head to look at her face. His eyes, full of tenderness and adoration.

The person lying comfortably on the grass with a book on her stomach didn’t wake up. She seemed to be in a deep sleep.

In the past twenty-two years of his life, he never once did fell in love with anyone. He had long accepted the fact that his life would just be full of hard cold numbers, endless scheming and planning. Never would he have expected that she would just barge in one day and make his frosty heart beat back to life.

The feeling that day when they first met was new to him. In one day alone, he felt many emotions that he thought he would never experience in this lifetime.

The excitement when he saw her panicking. Joy when he saw her smile. Amused when he saw her wits.

He loves to watch how her pure and honest eyes change emotions, from being anxious, happy, annoyed, and angry. He just loves to stare at her and couldn’t get enough of her.

Just being with her makes him happy and contented.

Intoxicated with the feeling, from there and then, he vowed to make her his.

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