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Chapter 36: Central Park

“Leanna….” Cain suddenly looked at me thoughtfully.

I became nervous again.


“There’s something I need to buy at Strand’s Books Store, do you want to come?”

I should have told him ‘no’, but all I could think of were the words Strand’s Books Store.

Beloved and legendary, the iconic strand embodies downtown NYC’s intellectual bona fide – a bibliophiles’ Oz., where generations of book lovers lose themselves for hours (Lonely Planet).

Visiting this place was one of my bucket lists.

“I’ll GO!”

As soon as we arrived at the iconic bookstore, my eyes instantly glimmered. If it wasn’t for the many people looking at us, specifically, looking at Cain, I had long hopped around from joy and excitement.

“You go and enjoy yourself. After I buy my book, I’ll just be here.” He pointed at a vacant table.

“Mmmm.…” I didn’t get what he said and ignored him to roam around. I wiped my drool and started from the very far end, determined not to leave any corners unscathed.

It was two in the afternoon when I finished with my hunt. My hands, carrying piles and piles of books as I made my way towards the counter.

Before I could reach my destination, however, out from the corner of my eyes, I saw a group of beautiful, alluring women, surrounding a cold, indifferent man.

See! With these beauties surrounding him all the time, how serious can he be?!


I paid them no mind and made my way towards the cashier. Meters away, I was startled by a pair of hands and noticed that the piles of books I was carrying were now gone.

“Let me help you.”

Before I could even protest, Cain was already in front of the cashier, paying for my books. I hurriedly stopped him, but the cashier already accepted his money.

“How much?” I said, not hiding my annoyance.

“My treat for you accompanying me here.” He nonchalantly replied and carried the tote bag full of my books.

“You roam around some more. I’ll carry this to the car.” He walked towards the exit.

I quickly followed him. “No need, I’ve already bought everything that I wanted.” I glanced at him, “where’s your book?”

“Sold out.”


“Thank you,” I said sincerely.

Thank you for taking me here and waited for four hours.

“……My pleasure…” He didn’t glance at me and just kept on staring ahead, a sudden warmth flashed in his eyes.

Inside his car, I was totally engrossed reading the books I just hauled.

“Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?” Cain asked while driving. His eyes focused on the road.

“No, I just want to go home and read.” I brushed him off.

Since his confession, I had long erased the cordiality between us.

Cain didn’t mind and seemed to be somewhat happy. That meant that she no longer treated him as a stranger – right?

Instead of going back to my condo unit, Cain parked his car near Central Park. I was about to ask him when he cut me off.

“The air here is fresh, and there’s a spot here near the lake where you can just lay on the grass and read your books in silence.”

I wanted to say ‘no’, but my eyes kept on darting to that green lush and serene blue ponds.

I couldn’t stop imagining myself laying on that soft grass under the shade of a willow tree while spring breeze blew my hair as the lake glittered under the sparkling sun.


“…. Okay.”

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