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Chapter 35: Afraid

“Mr. Fay, if you don’t have anything else, then we’ll part ways here.”

I carefully said, slowly getting up from my seat, suppressing the urged to run away from him.

It seemed as if Cain Fay had seen right through me. He motioned to the sofa. “I’m not in a hurry, sit.”

Maybe you’re not! But I’ am!

I obediently sat down. I looked down at my fingers on top of my lap, not wanting for him to see my distorted face.

Cain looked at the nervous girl in front of him and couldn’t help but sighed. “You’re scared of me?”

I raised my head to meet his gaze. “There’s probably not a single person who isn’t scared of you, right?”

Cain raised an eyebrow, “so you’re afraid of me because others are?”

“I’m afraid because of your different attitude towards me, I will start to imagine feelings when there aren’t any,” I said straight to his face, not minding my shaking legs.

Cain leisurely held his chin, “how are you so sure there aren’t any feelings?”

I held my hand on my forehead. I could sense a headache coming.

“We just met yesterday.”


“Y-you… You don’t even know me.”

“That’s why we are getting to know each other now.”

I felt that I couldn’t communicate any further with him, I blurted out.

“What is your intention?!”

This time, my gaze became cold and sharp.

In my previous life, I had been lied to, cheated on, and had my heart broken by a man I had given my everything to. He stomped on my love, defiled my trust, and disrespected me. After all that, who could blame me for questioning the intentions of a man I just met?

Leanna,” he said softly, gently. As if caressing my fragile heart.

I shivered.

Cain focused his gaze on me. Those frosty aquamarine eyes were cold and calm, yet I felt that my body was being burned to cinders.

“I don’t have any intentions, I just wanted to let you know that I’m serious in pursuing you,” he said slowly.

A wave of quivering hits my heart. I froze, and hundreds of different emotions gathered inside me. I recalled how someone had once also said those words.

“All said and done, at the end of the day, when you got what you wanted, and gotten bored, will you tell me you’re still serious then?” I said with an icy tone utterly devoid of any feelings.

Cain was silent, studying the situation. It seemed that this beautiful young girl was dead set on not believing him. He could only take a step back.

He sighed and straightened his back on his chair.

“I will not pursue you if you don’t like it. From now on, you and I will be purely business.”

When I heard him say that, my facial muscles and nerves slowly relaxed. I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at him from the bottom of my heart. “We’re good then.”

Cain felt a jolt in his heart when he saw her unrestrained and natural smile.

He smiled bitterly at himself. The first ever woman he confessed to just rejected him, yet he was still happy, seeing he made her smile.

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  1. This book is amazing
    I originally tried to read this book on Wattpad but it wasn’t there and I was so disappointed but now I have at last gotten to start reading this awesome book

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