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Chapter 34: Contract


Alright, Id admit that I would slightly, just slightly, bend some of my unreasonable demands in the contract for him.


The man knows how to please me.


I looked over at Cain and shot him a smile. Thank you.”


My pleasure . . .”


Not minding the weird atmosphere, I lost myself in the euphoria of foods. The tastes were beyond my imagination. I was like in seventh heaven.


My soul was ruthlessly pulled back to earth when I alone finished more than half of the food while Cain was just slicing the meats and served them on my plate.


Sometimes, he served me rice. Other times, he poured water into my glass.


I stopped and stared at him. Why arent you eating?


He smiled, and the whole room turned a few degrees warmer. Let me feed you first.”


It was a good thing that I learned my lesson to stop eating when I was together with him, or else . . . I would choke to death!


I straightened my back and tapped a napkin on my lips.


Im almost full. You should eat.” I urged, trying to brush off the uncomfortable feeling surging inside me.


It was a good thing that he didnt give me a hard time as he ate his food. But still not forgetting to serve me from time to time.


Eventually, we finished breakfast, and the waiters emptied our table and served us tea.


“. . .”


“. . .”

How much do I owe you? I asked, reaching for my wallet to pay my end of the meal.


My treat,” he answered simply.


Oh, thank you,” was all I could say.


“. . .”


“. . .”


The silence was brutal again!


Uncomfortable with the weird atmosphere and the feeling that something was not right, I asked, Can I sign the contract now?


Cain stared at me for a time before reaching for his messenger bag. He grabbed a file and handed it to me.


I read the papers he gave to me with thorough focused. My set of unreasonable demands were still there, complete from A to Z.


I didnt sign it, pretending to skim over it, again and again, waiting for him to say something. But minutes passed and no comment from him.


I raised my head and met his gaze. Arent you going to negotiate about my unreasonable demands?


I couldnt stand the silence anymore and wanted this done and over with.


Cain leaned back and crossed his legs in a comfortable position. His brows furrowed a little as he portrayed fake confusion. Why would I want to do that?


Youre telling me?! Isnt this the whole point of this entire charade?! To get to my good side so you can negotiate?!


I didnt answer.


I was confident enough to claim that I understood men, but the man in front of me was like a complex set of wirings inside a high tech robot. I cant understand him at all!


Thinking that he would not negotiate with me anymore, I signed my name and swiftly handed the papers back to him.

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