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Chapter 33: Breakfast


The whole ride was silent. I was fiddling with my phone, pretending I was doing something to get myself away from the awkward situation. Fortunately, Cain didnt start a conversation as he seemed to like the silence.


We stopped in front of a restaurant that showcased its Zen-like beauty.

Green Hill


The valet ran towards us. I didnt pay any mind at the waiters lining to greet us and guided us inside to our table, and that the restaurant was empty.


I guess were the first customer.


The waiter handed the menu to me. Honestly, I didnt understand a thing that was written on it. I put down the menu and peered at the cold man, sitting opposite me.


Ill be having what youll be having.” I beamed, hiding my ignorance.


Cain didnt mind my lack of knowledge and seemed to expect that this scene would happen as he ordered.


Venison with bacon. Golden beets and foraged greens. Moreish mussels escabeche on toast. Long island duck breast with roasted acorn squash. Apples chanterelle mushrooms and figs. Grilled skate with red quinoa. Creamed kale and Cipollini onion and deviled farm eggs with Dijon mustard.”


He said in one breath. And I was convinced that he ordered it all the time by the way he spoke the foreign words with ease.


Im amazed he didnt twist his tongue.


Silence befell us after the waiter left. Cold sweat raced on my back, hands freezing while my eyes darted to the exit.


“. . .”


“. . .”

The silence was ruthless that it was hard to ignore. Wheres Zhane and the others?


Cain circled his finger over the rim of his teacup. His eyes never left my face, even for a second.


Its just going to be the two of us.”


My smile froze and I gave him a confused look.


He took his time sipping his tea before he said, The contract only needs your signature. No need for the others to be present.”


This is precisely what I was trying to say last night! I could have just printed and sign the contract and emailed it back to you! No need for this breakfast! Alright?!


My lips formed an oh,’ and I messaged Zhane.


[Me: How are you going to compensate me?]


. . .


[WhizKid: Princess! It wasnt me!

Its all Cain! Im innocent!]


[Me: Youve failed to protect my private information two times now]


. . .


[WhizKid: Ill add another year of my service to the contract]


[Me: Make it two for setting me two times]


[WhizKid: What are you talking about? I only did it one time!]


[Me: Is it not the reason why you gave my personal information to Mr. Fay is so he can sweet talk me into the contract?

Im currently having breakfast with him]


. . .


[Me: Didnt you advise him that his charms wont work on me.

I wont change my conditions for becoming your consultant just because an otherworldly being is seducing me]


[Me: Youve clearly underestimated me]


. . .


. . .


A period of seconds that Zhane didnt reply. Confused, I put down my phone for out of the corner of my eyes, lined of waiters was about to serve our food.


Ooohh~ That was fast.


It felt like the food was already prepared even before we arrived!


The heavenly aroma swiftly engulfed the whole room, and my stomach grumbled with delight. Embarrassed, I look down at my teacup. Cain laughed into his fist, pretending to clear his throat. Thankfully, he didnt say anything.


Colorful dishes were laid on our table, and my eyes zeroed on the plate of white, creamy, soft pieces of grains.


Oh! You serve rice? I smiled at the old man, standing beside Cain. From the way he dressed and conduct himself, he seemed to be the manager.


The old man smiled in a polite practice manner. Its a special request of Mr. Fay for you, young miss.”

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