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Chapter 32: Vase


Still hypnotized, I didnt get the last words he said as I grabbed the stem of the rose before he could say anything else that would rattle my already muddled mind.


T-thank you . . .” I avoided his gaze, pretending I was occupied with the rose.


My pleasure . . .”


“. . .”


“. . .”


The silence was brutal.


Now, what?! What should I do?! I should first find a vase for this flower, right? But should I leave him standing at the door? That would be rude, right?

Uhmm . . . Do you want to come inside?


Cain nodded.


I turned, and search for a vase to put the rose so we could leave. He entered, and I ignored the feeling of his eyes following me around.


Sit anywhere you like. Do you want something to drink? I only have water at the moment.” I really wanted to hit myself.


Why offer if you dont have anything to offer?! Idiot!


I ignored the burning of my back from his heated gaze as I search for a damn vase. I wracked my brains out, guessing where I put that freakin jar.


Dammit! I dont have a vase!


I snatched a long glass bottle in the cupboard, poured water in it, and put the rose inside. Relieve, I turned to face the man only to find that he was just inches away from me!


His smell assaulted my nose, and I almost wandered off in the forest of ecstasy.


How did he magically appear in front of me?!


I raised my head and looked over him and regretted it in an instant. His handsome face was just a breath away, and the warmth of his fresh breath fanned my face.


Alarmed, I ran for the door and turned the handle when a large hand nestled on top of my fingers. His warmth on my back as his arm circled my waist. His hot breath tickled my ear. Enough to freeze me solid.


My body burned, face heating as the surroundings danced before my eyes.


You look beautiful . . . ,” Cain whispered.


His breath hot on my skin. I shivered. It was ticklish, but at the same time arousing. And before I had the chance to push him away, he released me and opened the door.


After you,” he said, face unreadable.


Afraid of what he might do next, I stormed out and ran-walked towards the elevator lobby with Cain leisurely walking beside me.


Inside the elevator, it was pure silence that even a drop of a needle would echo. My face was still burning, as my breathing was sharp and shallow.


What are you flustering about?! Dont you see hes only nice to you because he wants something from you?!


Thinking along those lines, I regained my bearing.  When the elevator stopped in the basement, I approached my car. But before I took a single step forward, a hand grabbed mine, and I was forced to turn around.


Well take my car,” Cain said with a tone that wouldnt accept refusal.


I opened my mouth to rebuke him but was pulled in front of a white Bugatti Veyron sports car.

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