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Chapter 31: Flower


It was six in the morning, and I was still contemplating on what to wear. I tried different sets of clothes, but none matched the look I wanted to achieve.


I wanted to be presentable, but not let the other party know that I was preparing to dress for him.


No! No! No! Not right! Why do I have to care what he thinks? I just have to dress like Im meeting any other person.


When I grabbed for a shirt, I lamented on how unattractive it was. I grabbed a dress showing my curves and was pleased. But I remember that it was just a simple signing over breakfast.


I screamed and pulled my hairs in frustration.


This is not the time to be bipolar! Just pick a damn dress already!


I closed my eyes and calmed myself.


You look good in anything you wear . . .”


A distant voice echoed in my head, and I want to burn everything on sight. Thanks to that disgusting memory, my brain took over, and I grabbed a simple lime-colored peasant top paired with ivory-colored skinny trousers and tan-colored wedge shoes. I put on multiple strands bracelets and dangled earrings and puffed myself with light make-up.


Satisfied, I reached for my Dolce and Gabbana patterned box bag and was about to turn the handle of my bedroom door when the doorbell rang.


I went into the foyer and checked the time.


[7:20 AM]


Isnt he a little early?

I was about to press the intercom when I discarded the idea and peeped on the spyhole instead.


Standing outside was Cain, wearing a simple fitted iron colored V-neck ¾ sleeve sweater, highlighting his collarbone, broad chest and thin waist. Coupled with cloud-colored trousers and a pair of coin colored oxford shoes. He only had one piece of jewelry, a Jaeger LeCoultre watch.


The man was not just sexy, he was a walking aphrodisiac!


I want to open the door and rip off his clothes and ra––!


! ! !


I panicked at my line of thoughts and made a sprint in my living area. It was only when the doorbell rang again that I took a deep breath and composed myself. After making sure that I wouldnt harass him, I opened the door.


Er . . . H-hello, youre early.” I almost grabbed my bag and slammed it on my head.


With a serious face, Cain said without batting an eyelid, I cant wait to see you, so I came early.”


“. . .”


Should I slam the door and pretend this never happened?


Cain seemed to have read my thoughts as he stepped forward. Sensing danger, I unknowingly trotted back. He stopped in line with the door frame and extended his hand, holding a large white rose.


For you,” he said.


The gentleness in his voice against his emotionless face made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.


“. . .” Staring at the rose in his hand, I didnt accept it. My mouth opened, and closed didnt know what to say. First of all, I didnt know how to address him, so I wait for him to say something instead.


“. . . Dont you like it?


Cains voice was soft and tender. Hearing it made my heart twitched, and without thinking, I blurted out.


N-no! No! I mean, yes! Yes! Wait . . . ! What?


Cain laughed a little. The flower, dont you like it?


I . . .”


I look at the rose, then slid my eyes to his handsome ice-cold face. The frostiness in his aquamarine eyes was hypnotizing me.


“. . . love it,” I whispered.


Cains lips curved upward. His warm smile melted his icy countenance.


Then, Ill give you a flower every day.”

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