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Chapter 9: Agreement

“Twenty million dollars annually for four years, come work for Jansen Corp.” Without beating around the bush, Luke Jansen gave out a contract.

I stared at it blankly.

Twenty million was not even close to what I earned annually.

What is he getting at?

I bravely met his gaze. “Mr. Jansen, I’m a lazy person, even if you triple or quadruple the amount, I won’t sell myself…”

Luke Jansen just leaned his back on his leather chair like an emperor, and stared at me – expressionless.

“…but since you value me highly, allow me to propose an alternative.” I gave out a contract which was prepared by Michael on the way here, and printed it at the nearest internet café before coming to his office.

Luke Jansen stared at me for a moment, his eyes amused as he reached for that piece of paper.

After a while, laughter echoed throughout the room.

Luke Jansen’s secretary, Fredrick Lang, was shocked as he watched his cold, indifferent boss laughed heartedly. He peered astonishingly at the pretty teenage girl in front of him.

“I, Leanna Lee, will offer you my opinions and accept to be your consultant for a minimum fee for two years. In turn, you Mr. Jansen, will offer your knowledge and life advices for free until I no longer need your services.” I smiled not backing down at his gaze.

“Miss Lee, this offer is one-sided.”

“Mr. Jansen, my opinions, and consultations will give you large profits. What’s a measly minimum fee? While all you have to do is advise me about life, I won’t be gaining any profit from it.” I retorted.

“You’ll gain my wisdom and knowledge which is more valuable than money,” he recoiled with a grin on his face.

You have to praise this old man. He had a way with words.

No less from the great Luke Jansen.

“My offer as it is. Either you accept, or will part ways here, Mr. Jansen.” I looked at his amused face and glanced at the door, ready to storm out any moment.

But much to my surprise, he brought out a pen, and signed his name on the contract.

“My first life’s advice to you is to hire a personal stylist and invest in a fashion designer that would tailor your dresses just for you.” He smirked and handed the contract to me.

Still stunned by what just happened, I kept staring blankly at his face.

“Remember, the way you dress; the way you’ll be treated. You have a pretty face, but you don’t know how to dress. You dress like an employee. You’re an investor and a multi-millionaire, it’s time you dress like one.”

I didn’t know how I got out of Luke Jansen’s office, but before my mind could process what just happened, I was transported in a room at one of Luke Jansen’s five-star hotel.

I was in a classic with a touch of modern, elegant one-bedroom unit complete with kitchen, dining and living area with no room for complaints. It was like a room reserved for VVIPs.

Got to hand it to that old man, his words and actions are flawless.

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