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Chapter 8: Meeting

After Two years of winning the Lottery

Since the time we had won the Lottery, we would travel the world, two to four times each year with my family.

It was winter, and we decided to spend it in Hokkaido. That was also the first time that had I met Zhane. Not long after that, I got acquainted with Luke Jansen.

I was browsing the net for people who could teach me about fashion and etiquette when a web call from Zhane popped up. But instead of the boyish youth, a senior man in his sixties appeared on the screen.

“I’m officially inviting you to my office, Tower One in New York tomorrow at two in the afternoon. You’ll receive an e-mail with your tickets and accommodation.”

Luke Jansen’s voice was calm, yet full of authority that couldn’t be refused. After he said those lines, he logged off, leaving me staring blankly at my computer screen, not knowing what just happened.

Not long after that, an image of Zhane appeared, kowtowing and apologizing non-stop. He explained that his father threatened and blackmailed him in telling the truth about me, and assuring that no one knew except his dad and Luke Jansen.



“……. You will serve me for free for two years as compensation.” I hissed, trying to hold the anger that was rising, like a volcano that was about to explode.

“Yes! Yes! Anything you want!”

Knowing the look I gave him, Zhane apologized once more and immediately logged off before I had the chance to punish him some more.

I sighed and searched for my parents to discuss these matters with them.

As expected, my mother had a confused expression while my father was calm as the ocean, although his eyes held worry and pride.

“You can’t go. What if you get lost in New York? If you want to go, then allow Mother to go with you.” My mother said while fidgeting. Her eyes held worry and excitement in them.

Probably going to New York excites her.

My father stared at me, not leaving my eyes. “You can go, but you have to call us every thirty minutes to let us know that you’re alright. Also, turn on your GPS, so we’ll know where you are.”


My mother’s protest voice echoed in the room.

“She’s already twelve years old,” my father glanced at my mother with a stern, unbending gaze. “Sooner or later, she has to live on her own.”


Teary-eyes, my mother looked down with furrowed brows.

“Thanks, dad.” I stared at my father with appreciating gaze and turned my eyes towards my mother. “Mom, don’t worry, I’ll call every thirty minutes, and I will buy lots of presents to bring back home.”

My mother’s eyes were still hesitant, but she let out a conceded smile.

Coming face to face with Luke Jansen reminded me of my first interview with my boss, only I was one hundred times more nervous.

Who wouldn’t be?

Starring at me is the head monarch of the Jansen Family, overseeing the Jansen Investments and Real Estate Empire. One of the wealthiest and influential man in the globe, highly respected and feared at the same time.

“I learned you have a series of successful investments in the last two years. Looking at you now, I wouldn’t believe that you’re just twelve years old.” Luke Jansen’s cold eyes didn’t leave mine, afraid that if he did, he would miss something.

Of course, you wouldn’t! Who would believe a twelve-year-old girl is already a self-made multi-millionaire? I wouldn’t believe it either!

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