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Chapter 7: After a Year


After a year of winning the Lottery, we were busy running and buying from here and there.


My parents bought seven hectares of land in which our current house was situated. After, we purchased hectares and hectares of lands and planted it with rice and coconuts. We bought all the vacant properties across the street of our house and converted it into ranch and orchards, giving jobs to countless people.


Overnight, our family became a sensation.


Thanks to my parents down to earth nature, people didnt give us a hard time. It was fortunate that they were friendly and respectful.


Our business grew over time, and thanks to my maternal cousins helping out, us children didnt even need to manage the family business. It suits us just fine since my brothers and I were too lazy to do business anyway.


Maybe it was a force of nature to balance everything out. My parents were hardworking, whereas their children were too lazy.


I kept myself busy with investing here and there and finding the right people to handle the job that I didnt want to do –– at the same time, reading horrid stories to the twins about the gore effects of drinking and smoking. Every day, I scared them to tears accompanied by pictures for a dramatic effect.


After that, the twins developed a phobia towards any kinds of alcoholic drinks. They started to have headaches and nauseous when exposed to cigarette smoke, much to my glee.


After another year, I had gotten the hang of investing, and I started focusing on myself. At most, I didnt know how to be an elegant lady like those rich born women in old aristocratic Asian family. Thats my goal as a girl. To achieve that level of elegance for myself that I didnt manage to attain in my past life.


My face was pretty, but it was always ruined with the way I dress and carry myself. My philosophy in fashion was comfort,’ and born from a conservative family, I didnt like wearing clothes that exposed too much skin –– unless I wanted to poke my fathers wrath.


I often wore loose t-shirt and baggy pants. Coupled with my tall frame, I was like a giant ragged girl.


In the future, according to my past life, I will have a figure with the right curves in the right places. Though not considered sexy, I was still alluring enough. A D-cup, and flat stomach. And even though I wouldnt have a waistline of twenty-four inches, Id still have an ample hip bone to compensate for it.


The only problem was . . . My eyes flicked on my behind . . .


I got to work on it!


Ill be gifted with those curves. Its high time to enhance them while Im still young and my bones still soft.


After settling down, the first thing I did was to hire a yoga instructor.


Every morning in the back of our house in the spacious garden, there laid yoga mats with people deformed bodies on top.


At first, it was just me. Then my mother, grabbing my father. Not long after, the twins tried bending their bodies. The next day, the whole family was lying on the yoga mat, including my maternal cousins. And the day after that, my mothers friends also joined in.


Thus, to make things livelier, I hired a Zumba instructor.

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