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Chapter 6 : Luke Jansen

The man on my computer screen had snow white hair and fine lines on his face. Still, you could see traces that the man was extremely eye-catching during his younger days.

His small gestures, sitting on his chair, holding a pen and seemed to be studying something on his table, actually held power, and whoever saw him would shiver due to his domineering and intimidating aura.

This man is one of the top ten wealthiest people in the world. He established his empire of Real Estates, Hotels, Malls and BPO’s at a young age of thirty-four, garnering everyone’s respect.

The head monarch and big boss of Jansen Conglomerate, Luke Jansen.

He has two sons, Jaime Jansen the eldest and James Jansen the youngest. Jaime has a son, Zhander Jansen, who was eight years older than me. While James has a daughter, the pearl in everyone’s hand, Emery Jansen. She was a year older than me.

Luke Jansen didn’t seem to care about his sons and only cared about his grandson and granddaughter.

I guess all grandparents feel that way.

I could only count in two hands the people that I trusted, and Luke Jansen was one of them. We had met unexpectedly thru Zhane.

At that time, I asked Zhane to keep my information private and guard my accounts. I knew that after a series of aggressive successful investments, I would attract some prominent figures, but I sure didn’t expect that Luke Jansen would be one of those people.

I was confident that no one would know my identity since I never showed my face in public, and just had my representatives to attend any necessary dealings and meetings.

I trusted Zhane to do his part in guarding my information. What I didn’t know was his father, Zian Devereaux was working for Luke Jansen!

One thing led to another, and that was how I met the powerful man.

In the first few months, I was always on guard when meeting or chatting with Luke Jansen. He would sometimes ask for my opinions and inputs which was part of our agreement. I would be his investment advisor for a minimum fee, and he would be my life’s advisor for free. I still remembered that he was stunned for a moment until his laughter echoed throughout the room.

I let go of my tablet pen and focused my attention on my computer screen. “I’ve got a good deal today,” I said happily.

Luke Jansen who was reading for a moment, raised his head and stared at me. His face serious and formal, yet his eyes were smiling. “I’ve found you a violin teacher to teach you the advanced class. I’ve already arranged for her accommodation and fees. You don’t have to worry about anything.”

My heart immediately grew warm.

Aside from my father, I considered Luke Jansen as my second father or my grandfather. Luke Jansen’s personality was just like my father. He would slowly grow warm to you once you had proven yourself to him.

Everything that I didn’t know about life and high society, Luke Jansen would be my advisor. He would be the one to broaden my horizon. Although father and mother supported our growth, their knowledge of the outside world were limited, being in the province all their life and all.

Luke Jansen would be my mind when I was confused. My heart when I was lost and my backbone when I was unconfident.

After talking and catching up some more, we ended the web call.

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