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Chapter 4: The Right People

After four years

In a seven hectares of land in the province far away from the hustling and bustling, laid an elegant, majestic modern house made of wood and glass.

A silhouette of a young girl was lazily sitting in a chair in one of its cozy bedrooms. She was seemingly talking to someone on her computer, but her attention was focused on her thirty-six inches Wacom tablet, not glancing one bit at the person on the screen.

“The stocks are not looking good. Do you still need to buy some more?” Asked a bright, crisp voice, evidently of a woman. Her voice was stern and confident just like her person.

Long wavy red hair tightly raised in a clean bun. Seductive eyes slightly hidden with thick-framed eyeglasses. Her nose, straight and proud. Red lips, thick and pouty, highlighted by a face with prominent bone features. She looked like one of those strict and seductive teachers you saw in movies.

Victoria Goulding, a twenty-four years old well-known successful accountant and broker.

She is one of my advisor and agent when it came to money and stock matters. If I’m paranoid enough to count four times, Vic is the God of paranoia and would count one hundred times more.

“It’s going to be like that for now, continue buying its shares,” I answered, not minding her disapproval look.

I knew that the electric company’s shares would continue to plummet, but in days’ time, a new CEO would take over, and the stock would skyrocket.

“If it’s nothing more, you may go, Vic.” I said dismissingly. Victoria was about to say something else, but was cut short by Michael Hyde.

He was a well-built man with an overwhelming aura. Gorgeous, with overflowing male pheromones. His strong chiseled face was like carved by a famous sculptor. However, the most enticing about the man was his pair of dark obsidian eyes that could penetrate your very soul. It was like with just one look, he already knew everything about you.

Michael Hyde, a twenty-seven years old famous lawyer. He had won many cases that even if I add up my past age to my present one, it wouldn’t be enough. It was due to his reputation that in the future, hiring him would cost you an arm and leg.

This type of man was the epitome of every girl’s dream.

Sadly, he was already engaged to Vic.

“The contracts are ready for you and your father’s signature. I’ll e-mail them to you within the day,” he reported with that deep voice which was pleasant to the ears.

“Mmmm…,” I hummed nonchalantly, still focused on my tablet, drawing non-stop.

Although my actions could be considered rude and indifferent, they had long grown accustomed to it, and long accepted the fact that I was just too lazy and didn’t want to speak much.

Recruiting this two wasn’t easy considering my age. Fortunately, the Michael three years ago wasn’t well-known – yet. He wanted to build his own firm and in need of money.

As for me, although I was not one of the top ten wealthiest people in the world, I was probably one of the world’s richest person at the age of eleven.

I invested in his firm, along the way he introduced me to his fiancée, Vic.

I had other accountants and brokers, as well as, lawyers, but this two were the boss of them all. Although I trusted the two of them completely, a fallback was never a wrong choice.

After they said their monthly updates, we said our goodbyes.

Not long after, another handsome man appeared on the screen.

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