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Chapter 30: Delivery

I was watching a movie and eating vanilla coated potato chips when the doorbell rang. I checked for the time.

[7:00 pm]

I got up and went for the door. I pressed a button, and the concierge lady’s face appeared on the intercom.

“Miss Lee, White Heaven restaurant is here to deliver food for you.”

I tilted my head to the side and looked at the pretty lady on the monitor, trying to pry if she was joking with me. “White Heaven? I didn’t order anything.”

The pretty lady smiled, “it’s from Mr. Cain Fay.” A flash of adoration and envy could be seen in her eyes as she mentioned the name.

Cain Fay? Why would he deliver me food?

I opened the door and was greeted by a couple of people with white aprons and logo of White Heaven restaurant. I was about to reject them when they shoved the carts of food inside my unit without my consent, leaving me at a loss for words.

After they set the food on my dining table, they all slightly bowed. “Enjoy your meal.” After that, like soldiers, went out as fast as they came.

The pretty concierge lady smiled and closed the door before leaving.

For a time, I just stared at the food in front of me. It was a complete set, from appetizer down to dessert. The main course even had a bowl of rice.

The aroma was heavenly. I felt my stomach grumbled as I wiped the drool from my lips.

I was jolted awake from my heavenly state with a ring of my phone.

I checked, and the number was unfamiliar. Thinking it was probably Zhane again, I answered.


A deep, somewhat husky voice resounded. “Did you like the food–“


Without thinking, I ended the call and stared hard at my phone.

I must be hearing things, why is Cain Fay calling me?

After five seconds, the phone rang again. Seeing that it was from the same number, I swallowed and held my breath.

I answered the call, and a deep melodious voice echoed, like a sound of a mournful flute in a moonless night. “Did you just… hang up on me?” Cain chuckled.

“N-no… no… t-the… the signal is bad.” I stammered.

How can this man’s voice be so alluring?



“……. Did you like the food?”

“… I… I was just about to eat when you called…. T-thank you… f-for the food.”

“…….. My pleasure….” It was almost like a whisper. Like his voice was caressing me.

My spine twinge, and unknowingly, I flinched. I tightly held my phone, afraid that I might drop it at any moment.

There was silence again. For a time, all we could hear was the slow breathing of each other. I could almost feel his breath, like he was just inches away from me.

I blush.

Sensing that I wasn’t about to speak anytime soon, he said, “the contract is finish. I e-mailed it to you. You can review it, and tomorrow at eight in the morning, I’ll pick you up. We can discuss the contract over breakfast.”

“Wh–” I was about to protest when he interjected me.

“I won’t hold you up. Enjoy your dinner. Good night.”

“Wait! I don’t want to–“



I was about to reject his offer, but the line already hanged up.

I stared at my phone, contemplating whether to call him.

It’s just a contract signing, and Zhane will be there. Besides, he bought you food.

I didn’t give it much thought that he had bought me food from a three-star Michelin restaurant, or what he did to convince the said restaurant to deliver the food here. It was even harder to make a reservation at the said famous restaurant, much less order a full course take out.

Thinking that it was some sort of payment for agreeing to be his consultant, I shrugged the matter off my head.

I saved his number.


I downloaded the contract, thinking to read it later. I was not even surprised that he knew my private e-mail and number. And I also wouldn’t be surprised if he already knew where I lived.

I really have to extort Zhane when I see him next time!

I called the reception, telling them that I would be expecting Cain Fay tomorrow.

I have to inform the reception if I’m expecting someone. If I don’t, I’m afraid that Cain Fay wouldn’t even be able to step foot in the lobby. The security of this place was over the top. That was one of the reasons why I love the place.

Come to think of it, how did the White Heaven restaurant come up here without my approval?

After the receptionist acknowledged, I hopped in the direction of the dining table and gulped all the meals in front of me, dismissing any lingering questions in my mind.

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