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Chapter 3: Investing

The first month of our lives after winning the Lottery was hectic. There were so many things to be done that I had to list them all in order.

I asked my parents for the seventy percent of the prize money. My mother was stunned and couldn’t utter a word. My father, however, looked at me with stern eyes.

I know right, it sounded like a joke coming from a ten soon to be an eleven-year-old kid. What will I do with that enormous sum of money?

I explained to my parents that I needed the money to start investing. Again, my mother was shocked and stared at me blankly like she didn’t know me. My father, apparently, knew what I was discussing. He understood the importance of investing now rather than later.

My father was silent for a moment, and then asked, “do you know how to invest?”

“Yes,” I answered honestly. “I bought a book about investing.” Which was true.

My father took a deep breath, avoided my gaze and said with a gentle voice, “reading and applying is entirely different. There are many complications, for example.”

He looked at me with a serious face, “your age.”

I knew what he meant. My age would be a problem for any legal matters and accounts.

I furrowed my brows, “Dad. You can just open an account and let me use your account to invest.”

Leon was speechless for a moment, trying to discern if this 10-year-old girl was his daughter. She seemed to mature overnight!

After pondering and thinking.

“Alright,” he said in a soft somewhat hesitant voice.

I jumped excitedly.

I knew my father would agree.

Leon Lee was a strict, no-nonsense kind of man. But when it came to his children’s growth, he would support them to no ends. Although he was hesitating about it, there were also expectations in his eyes.

Maybe he thought that I would gain from this experience or he only wanted me to experience the life of adults. Either way, I didn’t care. The most important thing was; I could now change our lives.

Equip with a cheat code of more than seventy years of knowledge into the future.

I’m pretty confident that I’ll succeed in investing.

After my father applied for an account and gave it to me to use, the first thing I bought was a laptop and a cellphone.

I was born at the time of transition between the nineties and the twenties. During this time, many people in our province still didn’t know how to use computers because it was not that popular and it was too technical, and people were too lazy to learn. But having to lived more than forty years with computers in my past life, I could already be considered a pro.

Thus, I began my journey in the world of investing, not knowing that because of this single step, I would experience a different future.

A whole different life that only in my wildest dreams could experience.

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