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Chapter 29: Hacking


So . . . what do you guys think? Zhane stared at the three, eagerly waiting for their response. I told you your handsome face wouldnt take Princesss heart,” he said, full of smugness as he puffed his chest.


Fin chuckled and shook his head. Honestly, I thought shed be begging to help us out.” He then flicked his eyes on Cain. Considering we brought Cain here.”


Clyde grinned, looking at Cain with a pleased expression. I guess not all girls are taken by your charms.”


All eyes were on Cain, waiting for him to speak. But the latter busied himself with his laptop –– concentrating, not even sparing them a glance.


What are you doing? Youve been typing nonstop even before Leanna left,” Fin asked, curious.


Clyde tilted his head and peeked at his friends laptop. Thats rare. Are you hacking someone? Usually, you let Zhane handle it.”


He paused, waiting for Cain to explain himself. When the latter remained silent, never averting his focus on his screen, Clyde asked again, Who are you hacking?



Pft! Zhane spat out his tea. *cough . . . *cough . . . *cough. . .


Fortunately, Fin remained leaning on the sofa, so he wasnt inflicted by droplets of flying tea water.


After much difficulty of stabilizing himself, Zhane gaped at Cain with red, teary, bulging eyes. His boyish face distorted in shock.


He quickly checked his phone and watch. Sure enough, it was black and not working. That was why he wasnt alerted.




Zhane was about to yell his grievances, but realizing that time was of the essence, he grabbed his laptop and typed like his life depended on it.


Cain, you better not think for a moment that you can easily hack my––!


Zhane didnt finish his sentence when his laptop screen blackened.


“. . .”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Cain leaned on the sofa, crossed his legs, and interlaced his fingers. His lips, twisting in a smirk. Dont forget who taught you hacking in the first place.”


He checked his phone, and when everything he needed was copied, he smiled and shut down his laptop.


Zhane immediately did damage control when his laptop screen returned to normal. He checked whose account was copied, and his face darkened.


He looked over at Cain, face unreadable.


Y-you! You! . . . You copied Princesss information?!


Zhane couldnt believe that Cain hacked his account just to copy a girls information.


Clyde and Fin glanced at each other before gawking at the shameless man. Their face showed many emotions, mouth opened, and closed.


Their friend who was labeled as asexual and avoided women like a disease just did a shameful thing of hacking his friends laptop only to copy a girls information?


Now they believe that the sun would rise in the west.

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