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Chapter 27: Price

I scanned the pages and was just about to finish flipping the papers when the waiter arrived with my food.

I closed the file, and with a blank expression, stared at the men in front of me.

“And…?” I picked up my spoon and fork and started chomping on my food with gusto.

Fin was confused for a moment, seemingly lost. Clyde rubbed his chin, amused, and Zhane just scratched his head. All were looking at me expectantly.

Cain was the one who broke the silence.

“We want to know your opinion.”

I stopped chewing for a moment as I stared at his calm, otherworldly face, and subconsciously swallowed.

With an indifferent attitude, I slowly sliced my bacon. “I don’t know what Zhane told you, but you seem to overestimated me. I’m just a sixteen years old teenage girl.”

Clyde chuckled, “a multi-millionaire sixteen years old teenage girl,” he clarified with a sly smile.

I glanced at Zhane, and the latter just gave me an apologetic smile.

“Leanna… may we call you Leanna?” Fin asked, voice like an older brother dotting on his sister.

“I don’t mind,” I shrugged and continued eating.

Fin gently smiled and slowly clarified. “Don’t be angry at Zhane. He didn’t tell us the specifics. He just told us that you have an incredible foresight.”

I won’t call it foresight… more like a cheat code…

“I just got lucky. It’s not enough evidence for me to butt my nose on a billion-dollar project.”

“Luke Jansen,” Cain said with a deep, soft voice almost like a whisper.

I choked, my food stuck in my throat. I quickly reached for a glass of water and drank it all. Teary-eyes, I glanced at Cain.

I realized that eating with this man could get you killed.

Learned my lesson. I gently put down my utensils and gave out an ‘I-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about’ kind of face while stomping hard on Zhane’s foot.


Zhane whimpered and quickly covered his mouth as if doing so would stop the pain.

“What about Mr. Luke Jansen?” I pretended not to know and smiled sweetly.

Cain slowly leaned on the sofa as he twitched the corner of his lips, smiling devilishly.

“We know about you and Luke Jansen.” Cain penetratingly stared at me as if sucking my soul out.

“Let’s get straight to the point. We want you to be one of the consultants of this project.”


I was quiet for a time. I didn’t meet his gaze, afraid that my soul would really leave my body, or be hypnotized by that unfathomable crystal clear frosty aquamarine eyes.

After a moment it took one to drink a cup of tea, I took a deep breath, raised my head to look at them seriously.

“I’m not cheap.”

“Name your price,” Cain said nonchalantly.

I smiled pleasantly, “Ten million consultation fee and I want five percent share if you want me to oversee the project. I won’t travel or attend meetings if it conflicts with my schedule. If you want me to travel, all expenses must be paid. I only accept five-star hotels and Michelin awarded restaurants.”

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