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Chapter 26: VIOS

Zhane gave out a sigh of relief and smiled sheepishly, rubbing his nose with his finger.

“Ahahahaha! Zhane, you’re a renowned genius, but you’ve just got bitten by a girl.” Clyde gave out a mocking laugh.

Zhane just shrugged his shoulders, “I’m alright with being bitten as long it’s Princess.”


It was a good thing that I swallowed my tea, or else… I didn’t know what kind of embarrassment I would face.

After I stabilized my breathing, I glared at Zhane.

“Can you stop saying misleading things?!”

I raised my hand and a waiter hurriedly walked towards our table.

“I want honeyed bacon with rice, sunny side up eggs half cook, almond coconut fresh fruits honey coated almond bowl, a blueberry walnut pancake with extra butter, and a thick vanilla milkshake with extra whipped cream.”

The waiter just looked blankly at me for a moment, seeing my eyebrow raised, he hurriedly zoomed towards the kitchen.

Clyde and Fin appeared to be in a daze.

Zhane raised his eyebrow, “you’ve just finished eating. You want to eat some more?”

“I can’t waste good food especially if it’s free. Besides, do you expect me to be full with just a pancake? I have to eat rice.”

Zhane watched me worriedly, “just be careful you don’t get stomachaches. New York is a different country. The foods here are different.”


Fin stared at me amused while Clyde sized me up, seemingly amazed. “Wow! This is a first for me that I’ve encountered a girl who eats like a pi– like a man!”

Clyde teasingly added, “I wonder where you hide all that stuff.” His gaze lowered and settled on my breasts.

I pretended not to notice the lust in his eyes.

“You can start now.” I peeked at Cain and noticed a flash of tenderness in the cold man’s frosty irises, but only for a split second.

I must be seeing things.

“What did you want me here for?” My voice was neither hot nor cold.

Fin brought out a bundle of papers and handed it to me. “Mind if you can browse this for a moment,” he said, seemingly apologetic.

I took the bundle of papers and flipped the first page.


Really! I didn’t even stay for a week, and yet I’ve already encountered not one, but two projects worth billions. If I knew this would happen, I should have just stayed put in my own country!

No wonder the name Cain Fay sounded familiar. It turned out, he’s the eldest son of the Fay’s, one of the top ten wealthiest people in the world. If Luke Jansen specialized in Real Estate and development, then the Fay’s were like powerhouse traders – the unbeatable merchants.

They owned countless mines, oils, jewelry stores, restaurants, hotels to name a few.

VIOS will sit at the helm of software development, be it on computers, tablets or cellphones. Sitting on top of it all was none other than Cain Fay himself.

So it’s actually a four-man team.

In my previous life, I only read novels, news, stocks, leading projects, and prominent investments. I usually skipped the entertainment and social section since I was not interested in other people’s lives. I focused on leading and influential figures. Cain Fay was on that list.

That was how I got to know the man beforehand.

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