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Chapter 24: Reason

Zhane glanced at his friends and then stared at me. “Everyone, this is Leanna Lee. She will be a first-year student at Artem University.”

“Really? I’m sometimes invited to play piano in Artem,” Clyde teasingly said before he sipped his coffee, his eyes on Cain. “When I’m at New Haven, I can show you around campus.”

“No need to trouble you, I can manage on my own.” I politely declined.

Clyde chuckled, “alright, I won’t insist. But if you encounter any trouble, you can sometimes find me in the music department. Zhane’s friend is my friend.”

Clyde’s voice still had that teasing tone while his eyes shifted from me to Cain.

“Thank you. I’ll hold that in mind.” I lied and brought out my phone to type in my note ‘avoid music department’.

Zhane, who was watching what I was doing, laughed softly as he slowly shook his head.

“Princess, we have already ordered a while ago. What do you want for breakfast? My treat.”

Zhane gave me the menu and pointed at their popular meal, “try this one out.” He said, pointing at a blueberry and cheese waffled pancake.

I furrowed my brows, “I want the one with bacon and eggs.”

“I’ve already ordered it for myself!” Zhane said disapprovingly.

“So what?” I crumpled my brows even further.

“We’ll have the same meal which means, we can’t try each other’s food!” Zhane retorted matter-of-factly, his voice sounded distressed.

I stretched an eyebrow and with a sarcastic voice replied.

“Did you just heard yourself talking? If I don’t know any better, I will think that you have serious mental issues. You’re already eighteen years old, but it seems that the more you age, the more your mind regress back to being a child.”

I didn’t hold anything back. I was still upset with him for setting me up.

I waved my hand, and a waiter stood by at the side hurriedly came over. I pointed at the bacon and eggs, “I want this one.” The waiter nodded and immediately scurried off, afraid that I would also lash at him.

Zhane looked at me with puppy eyes, “you don’t have to be so upset. Aren’t you happy to see me?”

“We see each other each month.”

“That’s different!” Zhane pouted, and leaned closer towards me. When his face was just millimeters from mine, we heard a loud –


Like a teacup was forcefully hammered down.

Zhane immediately straightened his back.

Cain was watching me, his face expressionless. I couldn’t read any emotion from his frosty eyes.

It was a first for me. In my past life, I was good at observing people. Usually, I could read the hidden voice in their eyes – but not this man.

I secretly felt afraid and subconsciously straightened my back and pretended to look at the flowers outside.

Clyde chuckled while Fin smiled, shifting his gaze from me to Cain.

After some time, the waiter returned with our food. Like that, we ate our breakfast.

The four of them would occasionally talk, and I would just listen. Sometimes, the three of them would strike a conversation with me which I obliged.

Clyde and Fin were easy to talk to and didn’t make me feel left out.

Cain on the other hand, although he didn’t brush me off, he also didn’t strike a conversation with me which I secretly sighed in relief.

I’m afraid of this man. Specifically, scared of his voice and expressionless frosty eyes.

Too put it simply, I’m at the mercy of his sweet, deep, alluring, sexy voice. I’m afraid that my morals would melt, and I would just pounce on him in broad daylight.

And that I couldn’t discern his cold, emotionless eyes. Thus, I couldn’t tell what the man was thinking. I sensed that this man is dangerous and must be avoided at all cost.

When we finished our meal, Zhane ordered for tea.

I quietly sipped my tea, put the cup down and stared intently at the two men in front of me (I’m excluding Cain since I can’t stand looking at his eyes).

I turned my head to stare at Zhane, my face serious and my tone businesslike.

“Why are you really inviting me to breakfast?”

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