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Chapter 23: Cain Fay

Silver shining white hair, pale-smooth skin, long thick eyelashes, pale peach blossom lips, and that pair of eyes. Crystal clear frosty aquamarine pair of eyes almost transparent which added up to his already icy cold looks.

The man was more than beautiful, he was…. otherworldly.

He was like a celestial King of the Arctic!

My brain cells short-circuited for a moment while my mouth hanged slightly open, seemingly wanting to say something, yet no sounds could be heard.

He looked annoyed as he furrowed his brows. His expressionless frosty eyes narrowed. He was about to say something–


I regained consciousness from my stupor and realized that the room was awfully quiet.

My head turned, wanting to find the one who took the picture – only to realized it was me!

Confused, I stared at my hand holding my phone which magically appeared out of nowhere.

Realizing what I just did, blood raced into my head, causing my face to heat up and reddened.

Quickly, I did a side turn and was about to circle my way towards the exit when a hand grabbed my wrist.

“Where are you going?! We haven’t had breakfast yet!” Zhane looked at me, confused and oblivious to what was happening around him.

“L-let go……” I stammered.

Zhane tightened his grip and glared at me.

“No way! You promised to have breakfast with me. I even brought my friends to introduce to you!”

First of all, I didn’t promise you anything. Second, I don’t care about your friends. And third, don’t speak as if we are intimate with each other! Don’t you know how misleading you sound like?!!

I was ready to pull my hand and make a dash for it when a commanding voice resounded.


The cold man was already seated beside the other two, cross-legged and drinking tea, not looking at us. As if the mortal world doesn’t interest him.

When I heard his deep and husky voice, I shivered. His voice was like needles prickling my spine. It was so alluring that all my senses were acting up, causing me to blush.

Before I could even compose myself, Zhane pulled me to sit beside him, in front of the three gorgeous men.

“Princess, let me introduce you,” Zhane pointed to a cute innocent looking man, “this is Fin Friesen, and this…”

Zhane pointed to a grinning handsome man, “…is Clyde Lockard.”

Fin gave me a polite smile while Clyde gave me a winked with his teasing flirty eyes.

Uncomfortable, I shifted my gaze to the cold man beside the winking man and immediately regretted it when I saw that he was already staring at me with those expressionless frosty aquamarine poles.

My eyes instantly shifted to the table as if something would appear there any moment.

Zhane pointed at the cold, intimidating man, “this walking block of glacier you just bumped into is Cain Fay.”

Cain Fay

His name sounds… familiar.

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