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Chapter 22: Set-up

There was still a week before the official class starts at Artem University.

On the third day after I landed in New York, I was woken up by the constant ringing of an unknown number. Annoyed and irritated, I answered, “you’ve got the wrong number.”

I was about to end the call when a familiar boyish voice resounded.

“Princess! I heard you’re in New York, let’s meet up at Freshly Milk restaurant at nine.”

“Zhane? What are you—-“

I was about to ask him what he was doing in New York when he cut off the line.

I redialed his number, but it was busy. Annoyed and somewhat curious, I got up from my bed and took a shower.

After the refreshing bath, I grabbed a lemon and white colored long bell sleeve jumper dress paired with cream-colored tights and beige ankle bootie. I also put on a simple yellow diamond dangle earrings and charm bracelets.

I opted for a refreshing look.

Satisfied, I grabbed my golden colored Judith Lieber rose bag and went for my white colored mini cooper.

I didn’t want a car that attracted too much attention. I just wanted the car to be small, easy to park and maneuver.

The mini cooper suits me just fine.

Freshly Milk restaurant only served breakfast. They also served rice. The restaurant was popular with the masses because of its fresh ingredients straight out from the farm, and those delicious meals they served at a reasonable price. Besides from that, the interior of the restaurant was relaxing and an excellent place to converse or just read a book with it being surrounded by gardens and flowers both inside and out. You have to make reservations for weeks or even months if you wanted to eat at this famous breakfast bistro.

I arrived fifteen minutes before nine and let the valet parked my car and went inside.

Inside was like a greenhouse, spacious and refreshing. It was like a picturesque view you wanted to see when you woke up in the morning with the only missing pieces were the cows and chickens.

The tables and sofa were somewhat hidden by decorative plants and were arranged in wide gaps from the next table. So even without partitions, you could still have your privacy.

As expected, the place was full.

I quickly roamed my gaze searching for Zhane. I saw many pairs of eyes, especially women, looking at the corner of the room. I retraced their gazes and immediately saw Zhane who was standing and waving happily like crazy.

“Princess! Princess! In here! In here!”

I nearly dashed off when those foreign eyes turned my way, but realizing that it would be awkward, I navigated my way through where Zhane was – secretly cursing along the way.

Great! The table has to be at the far corner of the room!

Feeling all eyes were on me, I quicken my pace and secretly thanked God for not letting me trip, only to cursed again when I saw Zhane.

He was not alone.

Two gorgeous men were sitting in front of him.

Zhane was all smiles while the two look up at me with curiosity in their eyes.

I frowned and glared at Zhane, not caring of what might people think, I did a ninety-degree turn and was about to leave when I bumped into something – hard.

I recoiled two steps backward from the impact and swiftly moved to balance my body.

Good thing I studied martial arts.

I look in front of me, wanting to know if the other person was alright. I blanked out when a broad chest greeted me. Confused, I look up.

“I’m sorry, are you—-“

The words seemed to stuck and plugged my throat as my breathing abruptly stopped. My bulging eyes wanted to come out from its socket as I gaped at the man in front of me.

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