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Chapter 21: Different

His gazed slowly lowered down to her smooth snow-white neck, down to her prominent collarbones, and down more to her soft, proud breasts.

He quickly shifted his gaze back to her eyes when he felt his body temperature increased and that certain bulging area soared in attention.

He heard his grandfather called her ‘Leanna’.

So she is called Leanna.

She answered his grandfather, irritation in her soft mellow voice, and then continued to stare at him as if studying his face.

He felt joy and excitement as they ogled at each other. As if no one else was there, but them.

“Alright, I’m done memorizing his face.”

A cold bucket of water was splashed on his body, rudely awakening him back to reality.

Her eyes no longer held admiration and excitement. Instead, replaced by indifference, aloofness, and discomfort.

He was bewildered. One moment, she was worshipping him. The next, she was avoiding his gaze like he was disgusting.

He sensed his grandfather smirked.

He seemed to underestimate this girl, thinking that she was like any other woman who upon seeing him would become desperate for his attention.

The whole dinner, he was just intensely looking at her, studying her every movement. The way she gently sliced her meat and put it in her mouth. When she sipped her wine and licked her lips. Although considered elegant, you could still see the uneasy in her actions, like she wanted to finish quickly and ran away.

When his grandfather proposed for him to accompany her to explore New York, he knew that his grandfather was secretly helping him in gaining her trust. He grabbed the opportunity and quickly asked for her number.

Any girl would jump for joy at getting his number – but not this girl, apparently.

He was surprised when she refused. Annoyed, they bickered.

After realizing that he would not gain her trust in a roundabout way, he could only use the direct approach.

He gave her the proposal of Azuela Cove.

When she proposed her demand to be his consultant, he hesitated.

No one in his life negotiated with him like this girl does. Others would grab the opportunity to be working for him. However, he could tell that this girl was not interested in fame, power nor money.

She was about to leave!

Realizing that he couldn’t win against her, he hesitantly agreed.

When she finally took a step to walked out of the restaurant, before his mind could register what he was doing, his hand already grabbed hers, his face inching closer. He was stunned, then quickly regained himself.

Seeing her blush, he was enchanted and blurted out that he wanted her number.

He wanted to kill himself.

When she still refused, he could hear that shattering sound of his pride.

Annoyed and somewhat angry, he teased her into submission.

After giving him her number, she dashed off to exit the restaurant while trying to maintain her poise and image.

He almost laughed.

Wanted to teased her some more, he dialed her number. But much to his chagrin, she cuts him off.

He smiled as he gently shook his head. Then he turned to look at his grandfather who was staring at him with a smirk on his face.

He quickly composed himself.

“What do you think?” His grandfather asked.

He was quiet for a moment, finding the right words to describe the enchanting woman.

“She’s…. different.”


His grandfather’s laughter echoed throughout the room which garnered some eyes towards them.

“Let me tell you now, don’t put her on the same level as those other girls you met.”

Luke Jansen took a sipped from his wine and with a gentle tone added, “she doesn’t care about power, status, wealth… nor, matters of the heart.”

The old man said seriously, staring at him, emphasizing the last words.

Thanks grandfather, for your late warning.

“You seem to regard her highly.”

“Of course, who do you think advise me to fund your ridiculous, unconventional projects?”

Zhander almost dropped his wine. He snapped at his grandfather.

He always believed that his grandfather funded his projects mainly because he was blood related and favored grandson, and of course, because of his unparalleled abilities.

I should have known better.

Luke Jansen was a businessman above all else. When it came to money, he wouldn’t bat an eyelid, blood-related or not.

“So it’s her……” Honestly, he didn’t feel any grievances.

Instead, he felt somewhat relieved. He thought that if the girl approved his projects, it was like she also approves of him.


“She’s only what? Eighteen?”


He choked. After much coughing, he gave his grandfather an ‘are-you-kidding-me’ kind of face.

“Hard to believe isn’t it? She started investing at the age of ten when others her age were busy playing houses. Now her net worth is not too far off from your.”

The regal man stared at the skyline, “if she can only be more ambitious, who knows how far she’ll go.”

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