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Chapter 20: Enchanting


Giardino Casa, a project he conceptualized and became a reality.


On the forty-fifth floor rested a three-star Michelin restaurant. He was sitting at a bar in the middle of the restaurant with one hand holding a glass of whiskey while the other tapped on the bar counter.

He noticed some women wanting to talk to him, and he gave a stay-the-fuck-away-from-me kind of air. The women all get the idea. Some seated not too near, but not too far either. And the rest were contented to look at his face from afar.


He found women troublesome, but not to the point of hating. Growing up, he watched them schemed non-stop, desperate to get his attention. At first, he obliged, but after a while, he got bored. And now, he found them annoying.


Sighing, he glanced at an old man, sipping his wine at the corner of the room beside the curtain wall. The intimidating air around him repelled all who wanted to get close.


Luke Jansen, his grandfather.


They were supposed to meet his grandfathers investment consultant. He was surprised to find that the proud old man had someone he considered so highly.


In the past, all his unconventional and risky ideas and concepts were funded by his grandfather. Azuela Cove was a new proposal he wanted his grandfather to finance. Though the project was risky because the concept was unique in the market, he was confident that his grandfather would support it, like any of his previous projects.


He was surprised when he said that he had to get a specific someone to be his consultant first before agreeing to fund the project.


He gulped down his drink and was about to go back beside his grandfather when the corner of his eyes caught a glint, seemingly coming from a piece of jewelry.


He turned in that direction, and his heart jolted, missing a beat.


He saw a young girl, about eighteen or twenty. Tall and alluring. He could tell that she was uneasy from the stiffness of her posture alone, but she still gave off an aloof air around her.


He couldnt make out her face because of the distance and the blurred lights, but he could tell that she was pretty. He had his share of beautiful, sexy women, but there was something different about her that his eyes kept following her.


She was looking for someone. And when the attendant guided her to a table, he spaced out for a moment.


Shes grandfathers consultant?!


He composed himself and walked towards them. When their eyes met, his mind blanked out. It was a first that he saw such dark brown eyes.


He didnt know how long he spaced out. It was a good thing that his body had a mind of its own and sat beside his grandfather. He sighed in relief when the girl didnt notice his odd behavior as she never stopped looking at him.


In her eyes were admiration and excitement. Much to his surprise, he was happy and thrilled.


He took in all the intricate details of her beauty. Long, and silky lavender-colored hair almost bluish silver. Small but plump pinkish lips, makes him wonder what it would be like when he kissed her. But what had him captivated was her pair of mesmerizing dark brown eyes. Her gaze was deep like it holds a centurys worth of secrets.


The girl was more than pretty –– she was enchanting.

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