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Chapter 19: Azuela Cove

Azuela Cove

It was the only word written on the front cover.

I looked at it unblinkingly.

This was one of the pioneers of ‘live, work and play’ concept. Integrating residential, commercial and entertainment into one area. This would become the talk and references of future developments to come. After this project, Jansen Corp. would soar many times higher.

I thought the man who conceptualized this was John Grace, the head of the innovation and design department of Jansen Corp.

Who would have thought that the real mind was this twenty-something-year-old man, and Luke Jansen’s grandson no less?

I felt my heart pounding, my blood rushing to my brain, making me dizzy. I looked at the men in front of me, and finally rested my eyes on Zhander.

“What is it?” I pretended not to know.

“If you become my consultant, grandfather will fund the project,” Zhander said slowly, his eyes not leaving mine.

I gave a confused and aggrieved expression at the senior man.

“Uncle Luke, why bring me into this?

Luke Jansen closed his eyes and sighed.

“Aren’t you my consultant? It’s proper to ask for your opinion before I release any money.”

“Our agreement has already ended. I’ve already paid my end of the deal.”

“That’s why my grandson will be the one to ask you, I have nothing to do with it,” he smirked.

I was speechless and turned my dagger eyes at Zhander who was quietly sipping his wine, unaffected. Like this whole matter didn’t concern him.

See! This is why you can’t trust people, especially men. They always have underlying motives in everything they do.

Zhander put down his glass of wine, leaned on his chair, fingers interlock on the table like a boss.

“Name your price.”


Of course, only a fool would let this opportunity go.

You want me to be your consultant, hmp!

“I won’t ask for a consultation fee. But I want five percent share of the project.”

Zhander stared at the enchanting young girl in front of him. He couldn’t believe that this girl would demand something audacious just for the sake of agreeing to be his consultant. He glanced at his grandfather, but the latter only leisurely sipped his wine – poker face.

Zhander furrowed his brows. “This, you didn’t even read the proposal. Yet, you’re already asking for a five percent gross sales of the project as if it will succeed.”

“With me as your consultant, it will succeed.”

“That……” Zhander hesitated.

“You can’t?” I slowly stood up. “Then, if there is nothing else, Uncle Luke, Mr. Jansen, thank you for the meal. I’ll leave first.” I was about to walk my way out when a voice stopped me.


I looked at Zhander. His face appeared to be in a serious thought as he stared at his interlocking fingers. He closed his eyes and slowly, quietly took a deep breath.

“…… Alright.” Then he looked at me with calm eyes. “After three days, we will hold a meeting with the other investors. I want you to attend and give your input there.”

After a moment of silence, I grabbed the bundle of papers. “I’ll be taking this with me then. Gentlemen, I bid you all goodbye.”

I was about to leave when someone from behind grabbed my arm. I was forced to look up at that penetrating dark violet eyes.

“Give me your number,” Zhander ordered with a commanding voice.

I glared at him, “since I’ve already agreed to be your consultant, there’s no need for the pretext of accompanying me in exploring New York.” I pulled my hand, but his grip only tightened – not letting go.

Zhander leaned towards me. I unknowingly pressed my palm against his chest to stop his advance. His handsome face was just inches away from mine that I couldn’t help but blush.

His eyes passionately stared into mine with a dazzling teasing smile. “I need your number to contact you within three days.”



I blanked out for a moment. I felt my already red face getting redder. I pulled back my arm and searched for my card and gave it to him.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going ahead.” I hurriedly went out of the restaurant, ignoring his burning gaze at my back.

I was in the elevator lobby when my phone rang with an unknown number on it. It didn’t take a whiz to guess who it was – I answered.

“It’s my number. You don’t have to worry!” I cut the line and registered the number.


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