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Chapter 18: Zhander Jansen

I turned to gaze at the man, a sweet smile plastered on my face as I extended my hand to him.

“Hello, I’m Leanna Lee.”

This Zhander didn’t take my hand as he continued to stare at me intently.

Realizing that he wouldn’t shake my hand, I reached for the glass of water instead.

His intense gaze is making me thirsty.

“What do you mean by finished memorizing my face,” Zhander asked with a clear and profound voice which shook every woman’s heart.

I smiled shyly, “sorry about that. Whenever I saw something beautiful, I memorized it to be a reference for my drawings.”


Luke Jansen smirked, seemingly trying to hold a laugh.

“Grandpa, you’ll choke if you hold it in,” Zhander said, his eyes still on mine. Those amethyst poles seemed to be bewildered as it no longer held the same intensity as before.

Uncle Luke waved his hand, and instantaneously, appetizers have been served.

“Let’s eat,” Uncle Luke said, his expressionless face focused on his meal.

Food was the part of the day that I loved the most. No longer minding the exchanged of glances between the two men in front of me, I focused all my energy on my plate.

The whole dinner passed by in silence. I was naturally born as a quiet person. If you asked me a question, I would answer in one word. If you asked me to explain, I would explain straight to the point and short as possible.

I was never one who enjoyed small talk.

Fortunately, the two men also appeared to like the silence.

Zhander was also quiet while eating his food. But once in a while, I felt his intense gaze on me, and sometimes, our eyes would meet which I hastily shifted back to my plate.

His intense stares made me uncomfortable, making me want to run to my condo right then and there.

“Don’t rush. Does my grandson’s presence make you uncomfortable?” Uncle Luke leisurely played with his glass of wine before taking a sip.

I swallowed the last of my dessert, tapped my lips with a napkin and answered honestly. “Yes, I’m uncomfortable in meeting new people.”

Zhander’s eyes turned bewildered with a hint of anger. His brows furrowed a little. “You’ve just beholden by me a moment ago with gaping mouth, salivating. Now you’ll complain that you’re uncomfortable?!”


I met his powerful gaze and raised my index finger, “I didn’t salivate, I almost salivate.”

“Same thing!” Zhander brows furrowed even deeper forming a line.

“Of course not! There’s a difference to it happened, to not yet happened.” I recoiled.

He glared and gave me an ‘are-you-for-real’ kind of look.

I challenge his gaze, not backing down.

“It’s good that you two are starting to get to know each other.” Uncle Luke interrupted, his voice appeared to hint something. “Zhander, why don’t you accompany Leanna tomorrow to explore New York?” He peered at me with a sly smile and turned his gaze towards Zhander, his face serious.

I gave the old man an ‘I-know-what-you’re-trying-to-do’ kind of face.

Uncle Luke ignored me and continued to stare at Zhander.

Still looking at me, Zhander brought out his phone, “let’s exchange numbers.”

I stared at him, confused, “why?”

“So I can call you tomorrow.”

“You don’t have to. I can explore New York on my own.”

“New York isn’t a straight road. It has many twist and turns. You’ll get lost.”

“I have google maps.”

“It isn’t accurate.”

“I can ask around.”

“People are not to be trusted.”

“I can ask a policeman.”

“Not every policeman is righteous.”

“Why do you really want to accompany me?” I glared at him, not hiding the annoyance in my voice.

Don’t think that just because he’s breathtakingly handsome, I would just agree with his every beck and call. People are not to be trusted, even more so if they’re extremely beautiful.

I have my ex-boyfriend in my past life to testify for that.

Zhander looked at me for a moment, his face serious and a bit hesitant. He raised his hand, and a bundle of papers was laid before my eyes.

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