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Chapter 17: Dinner

“I’m glad to see that the years I’m paying Eva Hart wasn’t wasted,” Uncle Luke said, grinning. His eyes focused on mine.

I sat down in front of him, a smile on my face. “Uncle Luke, when you told me where we will eat, I know I have to dress the part.”

Before we arrived in New York, inside the jet, I was just casually wearing a long sleeve shirt paired with skinny trousers and rubber shoes. When Uncle Luke called about the dinner, I hurriedly took a bath and let out a complete set of designer clothes by Eva Hart.

I was wearing a frost-colored off-shoulder long sleeve tight top which showed my glowing, smooth white skin and prominent collarbone, paired with porcelain colored waist high boot-cut trousers accompanied by a powder colored slingback shoes. The outfit highlighted my height and curves, making me look taller and sexier.

My long dyed pastel lavender grey hair was tightly raised in a ponytail which made my neck longer and slimmer complimented by a pair of crystal clear hoops which sparkled with every movement of my face. At my neck was a daisy colored scarf, tie in a stack.

In choosing clothes. I love monotone and pastel colors, but there should be at least one outfit or jewelry that should stand out. For this event, I decided a multi-pastel colored silk wrap clutch bag to add a little spice to the whole appeal.

Uncle Luke and I chatted a little more when I noticed that extra pair of plate and utensils beside his. Before I could even ask, I saw from the corner of my eyes a silhouette of an approaching man. I glanced in that direction and was greeted by a pair of dark violet eyes.

It was a feeling when you saw something breathtaking and out of the ordinary that you just kept on staring at it. Your brain momentarily short-circuited. Your mouth slightly open, and you felt that the surroundings became all sparkly.

His whole body seemed to be a magnet attracting my eyes until he sat down beside Uncle Luke.




“Huh?” I turned my gaze to where that voice came from, didn’t hide the irritation showing on my face for disturbing my reverie.

“Did you hear what I’ve said?” Uncle Luke asked teasingly.

“No, I didn’t.” I cut him short, hinting not to disturb me.

The Adonis in front of me had a slight irritation in his eyes. Still, he didn’t retract his gaze from mine.

I memorized his face, taking in as much as I could.

Dark violet hair. Tanned skin that made him manlier and sexier. Calm amethyst colored pair of eyes accompanied by that thick long lashes, straight and proud sharp nose, and thin pink blossomed lips that remained unmoved.

His whole person radiating arrogance and aloofness, like he was the King and the rest was his servants.

We remained lock in each other’s gaze, continuing to study each other’s faces in pure silence.

Uncle Luke didn’t bother us as he delved himself into his wine.

After some moments more.

“Alright, I’m done memorizing his face.” I turned my gaze towards Uncle Luke, “I’m sorry Uncle Luke, what were you trying to say again?”

Uncle Luke put down his glass of wine and leaned back like a monarch in his chair.

“My grandson, Zhander.”

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