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Chapter 16: Departure

“Lean, stop being unreasonable,” my father gave a reprimanding look at my mother who was sobbing non-stop.

It was time for my departure, and we were in a private airport where Luke Jansen’s private jet was prettily waiting nearby.

“What do you mean unreasonable?! What if Len-Len gets sick?! What if I miss her or decided to visit her?! Because of you canceling of buying a house in New Haven, I can’t be together with Len-Len!” My mother retorted and shot daggered looks at my father.

My father rolled his eyes. His wife was getting more unreasonable by the minute.

“Mom, you don’t have to worry. I’ve bought a three-bedroom condo unit in New York and New Haven. When you come visit, you can stay at my place.”

Four years ago, I invested in the still ongoing construction of Azure Sky in New Haven and New York. After the construction, I commissioned a famous interior designer to design the units.

In my previous life, Azure Sky exterior and interior were the envy of many designers. They were widely used as a reference for future projects even after years it was erected.

A year ago, the construction of both condos was completed and was ready for occupancy. I was planning to keep the one in New York and sell the one in New Haven, but who would have thought that I’d be using the one in New Haven when I study in Artem University.

“……. I want a house,” my mother said indignantly and looked at me aggrieved.


Mother really is getting more unreasonable by the minute.

After so many goodbyes and my mother’s howls and cries, I hugged my parents and kissed my brothers on their cheeks.

I climbed the private jet, but before completely entering, I turned around and waved at my family goodbye.

It was seven in the evening when we landed in New York. Uncle Luke wanted to have dinner with me. He said to spend my free week in New York before class officially starts. He also offered to send my luggage first at my condo in New Haven which I happily oblige.

A Maybach Limo car fetched me from Uncle Luke’s private airport and dropped me off at a five-star hotel.

Giardino Casa

The hotel’s exterior was surrounded by hanging gardened balconies. In contrast with the simple surface, the interior came out like a majestic emperor’s villa complete with mini gardens combined with modern designs and technology.

The Hotel was featured in every designers’ magazine even after years it was erected, but the highlight of it all was that awe amazing twenty meters protruding three-star Michelin restaurant almost on top of the building.

It’s a miracle that the engineers pulled it off.

When I entered the restaurant, I saw many prominent and essential figures dining and talking, all radiating elegance and power.

The attendant guided me towards a four-person table beside the curtain wall with a proud and intimidating old man sitting and casually drinking his wine.

I subconsciously gave out a smile.

Sensing that someone was approaching him, the man slowly turned his gaze, his face stern and expressionless, yet his eyes didn’t hide a smile.

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