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Chapter 14: College

“Where do you want to go to college?” My father asked me during dinner.

High school was at its end, and I still hadn’t discussed my college plans with my parents, just because – there is no plan.

I shrugged my shoulders, “anywhere as long as they offer language class.”

“Sis, why not choose East University? They offer linguistic, and it’s not that far from our house.” Lance looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Brother, let sister choose for herself.” Lawrence glanced disapprovingly at Lance. Though I could see it in his eyes that he also didn’t want me to go far away.


Our mother busied herself in eating her dinner, not minding us. I could feel that depressing aura emanating from her.

“Mmmmm… I’ll think about it.” I avoided my father’s gaze and focused my concentration in front of my plate.

Our father looked at us with a stern face. “I hope you all remember our agreement. Your mother and I don’t care if your grades are low or if you’re attending class or whatever you do in your life, as long as you graduate college with a degree.”

Our father’s way of thinking was old school. He believed, as long as you have a degree in college, whatever might happen in the future, you would have a fallback.

“I remember dad, don’t worry. I’ll discuss it with you soon.”

After that, we didn’t discuss the topic again until a week later.

“Go to Artem University in New Haven.”

I almost spat out the tea I was drinking.

There I was enjoying the peaceful view in my bedroom’s balcony when out of the blue, my laptop suddenly flashed, and the expressionless face of Luke Jansen appeared.

“You want to study linguistic, right?” He continued.


“Is there anything I can’t keep from you, Uncle Luke?” I gave him a mocking smile.

“Artem offers the best in linguistics. You’ll further advance your language skills if you study there,” Uncle Luke said with an authoritative voice.

I faced his gaze head-on. “Uncle Luke, my goal is not to be a language guru. My goal is just to finish a degree which I can easily get in a University here.”

I licked my lips. “Besides, with my qualifications, it will be difficult to get into Artem University.”

Artem University is the number one undisputed University in the globe when it came to the arts, whether it be music, singing, dancing, acting, languages or even the arts of cooking.

It was the school for the rich and the famous.

Uncle Luke stared at me, his face and voice serious. “There’s another reason why you need to go. You have to broaden your horizons. Secluding yourself away from high society, you’ll miss out things you can enjoy with your privileges. You’ll meet people your age who are richer than you, and you’ll get to experience being one with the elites. It will be a fresh new start for you.”

My brows furrowed into one line. I wanted to retort, but he cut me off.

“You’ve been a multi-millionaire for six years. You’ve enjoyed things your money can buy. But now that money can’t stimulate you anymore, you’ve become lazier and goalless. What you need now is to be surrounded by people your age who belongs to the same status as you.” He ruthlessly said, and then a flashed of tenderness shone on his eyes, but immediately disappeared, “maybe then, you will find a new purpose and enjoyment.”

I was quiet as I stared at him.

What can I say?

“If it’s getting you in, you don’t have to worry. I have my ways.” He raised the corner of his lips, forming a sneer.

I sighed, “Uncle Luke, you prepared your speech well, what else can I say?”

“It settles then. Inform me when you’re ready to go. I’ll send a private jet to pick you up.”

Moments after he logged off, I still continued to stare blankly at the screen like a dazed person before searching for my parents.

They’re not going to like this.

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