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Chapter 13: High School


I gave the twins a list of prominent investments that would boom in the future, letting them choose from it.


I didnt want to influence their decisions, so I let them picked their people and spend their money however they wanted.


I, on the other hand, asked Zhane to do a background check on those people.


You can never be too careful.

I was nearing the end of high school, and since the Dean said that I could skip classes and only attend significant exams –– Id been doing just that.


The teachers praised me, saying I was a genius for acing every exam. Living up to more than seventy years in my past life and still couldnt answer high school level questions would be the shame of my lifetime.


Sensing my classmates envious and angry stares, I pretended not to notice. The boys have this lustful look while the girls have jealousy in them.


Luckily, it was nearing lunch break. I went out of the room and took a deep breath. I wanted to know if anything was stirring inside me. Anything that aroused any human emotions.


. . .


. . .




All I felt was indifferent to those classmates of mine.


In my past life, some of them were my friends, but not considered close as to cry when we went our separate ways. Thinking that most of my female classmates would get pregnant without finishing college while some were stuck in the province doing miscellaneous jobs . . .


I sighed and quickly went to the cafeteria.


In the cafeteria, after I finished eating my meal, I noticed a girl, a little taller than me. Short hair, big eyes, thick lips, and chubby cheeks. She was not fat, but her physique was big, which made her look like a giant.




She was talking and laughing with a group of boys and girls, sitting two tables away from me. When my eyes landed on the boy in front of her, I was stunned for a moment.


Round face, an uneven pair of eyes, one big the other droopy. Thick lips and broad nose with big prominent nostrils.




I knew that they were attending the same school as I, but I never imagined I would see them at the end of high school since the school was big enough to get lost, housing thousands of students.


Looking at them now –– I felt nothing.


No hatred nor contempt.


In the future, SpellingBEE would become a teacher in our elementary school with a meager salary. PigFace would become a seafarer, married to one of my classmates in high school. But unfortunately, their child committed suicide from constant bullying of his peers.


The rest of the kids who ostracized me before have the same fate. If not pregnant at an early age, they were stuck in the province doing meager jobs. There were even some who would work for us.


I think that the people in the province didnt want to leave for the big city, adventuring in the unknown lands. I was glad that my parents were different. They would kick us out and let us experience life outside our comfort zones the moment opportunity presented itself.


I stared at the two of them for a few seconds before I grabbed my backpack and left.


Karmas a bitch.

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