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Chapter 12: The Twins

“Sis, we want to invest in a restaurant, hotel, and hospital. Do you have any recommendations?” Lawrence asked while poking his meat with his fork.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and we were grilling wagyu meat beside our pool.

Sunday is a family day. On this day, our house was usually packed with family members.

My parents were busy grilling while my aunts and maternal cousins were swimming and playing in the pool.

My younger brothers and I were currently sitting on a family size wooden table, ten meters away from the pool.

“Why a restaurant?” I looked at Lawrence and then shifted my eyes at Lance, both were sitting in front of me.

“Our family loves food. Lance also loves to cook,” Lawrence glanced at Lance while the latter just stared at me expectantly.

Four years ago when I studied cooking, the twins also studied it together with me with the addition of my mother who was so excited that we had eaten seven times that day from her sample works alone.

In my previous life, I didn’t like to cook since it took too much time. Even now, my dislike for it didn’t diminish. After learning the basics, I didn’t bother to learn the advance. Only my mother and Lance took the class.

I stared at Lawrence and Lance. The smooth chubby cheek, like water would come out of it when poked, little marshmallows, teary-eyed kids were gone. It was replaced by a youth neither skinny nor fat. They have identical clean-cut hair with few hairs falling on their forehead. Thick prominent eyebrows and lashes. Dark brown eyes, unique to us siblings. Straight and proud sharp nose which took after my mother. Thin pinkish lips highlighted by their round face.

Similar, but not quite.

Lawrence had bright, mischievous eyes while Lance had that deep, mysterious glow. Their personality was much like their eyes.

Young, but already eye-catching.

Every day before and after school, I always caught some grade school girls secretly taking glances in front of our majestic gate. Sometimes, I even saw high school girls pacing back and forth, hoping to get a peek at the twins. But much to their dismay and much to my glee, this pair of brothers of mine didn’t seem to care about girls as they focused themselves on how to make money while being lazy.

We really are siblings!

A year ago, I was dead set on changing their lives. I had introduced them to online businesses.

After six months, I was shocked and stunned that they had started to do Buy and Sell online and was already earning large sum of money.

They realized that having their own money they could buy whatever their heart craves without resistance from father and mother, they had been engrossed on making money ever since then.

Never expected that my pair of younger brothers were geniuses.

After another six months, they had sold the rights of their business to a large software company.

When I asked why.

“Simple, we’re lazy,” they answered nonchalantly.

And that led us to this current events.

“Alright, I’ll help you search for a restaurant. But why a hotel?” My gazed focused on Lawrence.

Lawrence gave me a ‘you-should-know-it’ kind of look while a sly smile plastered on his face. “We travel a lot, having a place to stay during those travels would reduce cost, and at the same time, we’ll earn profit.”

I gave an ‘oh’ look at him and glanced at Lance who had been silent and smiling at me this whole time. His eyes, sincere and affectionate.

“And why a hospital?” I shifted my gaze back to Lawrence.

Lawrence shrugged his shoulders and turned to our parents, “Mom and Dad will get old, it’s better if we have our own hospital so we can have private rooms exclusive to our family’s use. I also love it if the hospital is within a one-hundred-meter radius from our house.

My eyes went red and watery.

Ahhh…… my brothers…. I’m so lucky to be your sister.

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