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Chapter 11: Company


Luke Jansen turned and faced me. What do you want to discuss with me?


I licked my lips and straightened my back on my chair. Help me find a company that will handle my investments for me.”


Luke Jansen raised an eyebrow. In short, youll use the company to invest for you under the pretext of the companys name. Gaining profit, and at the same time, maintaining your privacy. Hitting two birds with one stone.”


I smiled my sweetest at him. You know me too well.”


He huffed a laugh. What is it for the company?


Profit,” I said.


Ten percent of every investment you make and two years free consultation.” He sat on his chair and motioned Fredrick Lang for something.




He paused, startled at my response. He didnt expect that I would agree without putting any resistance. It was written all over his face.


He then stared at me with probing eyes.


Uncle Luke.”


I was a bit hesitant at calling him Uncle,’ but every time I called him Mr.,’ his eyes dimmed a much as his face, and his brows furrowed. So when I started calling him Uncle instead, his eyes shone and the knot of his brows loosened.


I continued, “My goal has already been achieved. Now, I just want to spend every day doing the things I wanted to do.”


He gave me a condescending look. Its not good to have no ambition.”


Its not good to be too greedy,” I recoiled.


Its a sin to be too lazy,” he retorted with a grin on his face.


I beamed. With the list of things youve given me to do. Im afraid I wont sin anytime soon.”




His laughter boomed together with mine.

The next day, I didnt know what Uncle Luke said to our Dean, but I was brought into the Deans office right after I entered the school. The Dean said that it was alright for me not to attend classes and just appeared from time to time and in major exams.


Uncle Luke sure works fast.

Months passed as my daily life changed for the better. I learned things I wanted to learn and didnt regret a single decision even if I was exhausted every single day.


My daily routine, I woke up at five in the morning doing Yoga and Zumba for an hour. After that, I went straight to our ranch across the street to study martial arts accompanied by shooting and horse riding. And go back again to our house, straight to the pool for the swimming lessons.


I usually ate breakfast around eight or nine before I went to class. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I studied etiquette and language after school. During Saturdays, I learned music in the morning and cooking in the afternoon.


Everything I did, my brothers did it together with me.


With that, years passed as the seasons come and go.

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