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Chapter 10: Classes

Months passed by peacefully, and Luke Jansen would sometimes ask about my opinion on a particular investment or to give life’s advices. Sometimes, it was I who would ask for his help with my concerns.

“How’s your stylist been teaching you?” He asked one time during a web call. He was seemingly engrossed in reading something, not even glancing at me.

“Eva Hart has done more than a decent job.” My reply was short, yet it didn’t hide the high pitch tone of my voice, signaling that I ‘am pleased.

Eva Hart is a rising young stylist and fashion designer. Her motto ‘simple, elegant and comfortable’.

True to her ideals, her designs have always been simple, not too flashy. Her used of pastel-colored fabrics makes one look gentle and mature. She used materials that were comfy to the skin. Types were you couldn’t resist touching. Her designs were also conservative, yet highlighted a woman’s curves.

Eva Hart would fly to our house once a week to teach my brothers and me all about fashion, from the simple bun of the hair to the contours of makeup down to the type of shoes.

“I’m glad to know that my money for her fees didn’t go to waste.” Luke Jansen ruthlessly remarked, yet he didn’t hide the mirth in his eyes.

Really! This old man is just like father. Indifferent on the outside, warm on the inside.

I smiled at him. At first, I wanted to pay for Eva’s fees, but Luke Jansen just brushed me off.

He said with a disgusted tone. “To let someone pay for the person that I hired is like letting that person pay for me.”

I didn’t understand how rich people think. I also didn’t like owning favors, but if it was offered to me for free without anything in return, then I would gladly accept it.

Unfortunately, Luke Jansen didn’t like to owe anyone whether free or not. His pride is like his life!

Are all naturally born rich people think like this?

Although I was not paying for Eva’s fees, I still invested in her. Not long after, almost half of my closet was occupied by her designs.

Luke Jansen finished his paperworks and finally met my eyes. “Having that done with. Fredrick e-mailed you the list of your classes and their corresponding instructors.”

I checked my e-mail. True enough, I saw a list of classes and corresponding names. My brows crumpled.

“Self-defense, swimming, horse riding, shooting, driving, piano, violin, etiquette, language, and cooking?” I raised my eyebrow at him, “you do know that I’m only one person, right? How do you expect me to divide myself into this classes?”

Luke Jansen got up from his chair and leisurely walked towards the curtain wall with his hands clasped behind his back, his back facing me. He seemed to be looking far beyond the sky from his hundred-story office.

“This classes, you should have learned them when you were younger, but since it’s too late now, we can only make do of the moment. Learning this classes until you graduate from high school should be enough to cover lost time.”

Oh! So you do know that I’m a high school student. Tell me honestly. You are not planning on letting me sleep, aren’t you?” My brows furrowed even deeper, seemingly forming a line.

He snorted. “Your school is just a little unknown school. It can be arranged.”

I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath and pondered for a moment. There was really nothing to think about, I had already gone through high school in my previous life, and frankly speaking, I’d rather do all the classes he said than waste my time on a school that wouldn’t make me rich.

“Alright, when will we start?”

“Next week.”

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