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Chapter 2: Change

In a little house in a quiet farmland, a family of five could be seen sitting at a six seater wooden table, eating breakfast.

Leon Lee, the head of the family was intently listening to the morning news on his outdated old radio. The years of struggling with poverty were evident on his face, yet still considered handsome.

Lean Lee, a beautiful young woman, was seated beside her husband, Leon Lee, attending the twins beside her. Her dark brown eyes were slowly returning to its bright and joyful luster.

And me, Leanna Lee, the oldest child, ten years old, was staring blankly at my food. My brain cells, not functioning. I kept staring at my rice as if staring at it would give me answers.

I was rudely awakened from my stupor when the radio announced the news.

“Jansen Conglomerate, one of the big man in the business world, bought acres of lands in all parts of the world to develop. Although, they didn’t disclose specific information. They promise to hold a conference once the planning stage of the project is completed—-“


Before I could even realize what I was doing, my palms were already tightly pressed on the table. My eyes wide, my mouth hanged open as my breathing stopped.

“Sis, what’s wrong?” Lawrence asked. Though he was still a six-year-old kid, he could already pronounce words with ease mainly because I had read them bedtime stories every night.

“Len-Len, close your mouth, flies will enter,” my mother said indifferently, not caring for my reaction and continued assisting the twins to eat while my father ignored all of us entirely as he focused himself on his vintage radio.

I got back on my seat, gulping my food as fast as I could. My heart still beating loudly that it was hard to breathe. I didn’t know when I got out from the house, carrying my school bag, running like a madwoman.

“Mom, what’s wrong with sis?” Lance asked, pouting. His chubby face aggrieved because his beloved sister just ran off without kissing him and his brother goodbye.

“Nothing. Your sister is just nearing her period.” Lean stated matter-of-factly.

Leon: “…….”

I was at a river, miles away from school when I stopped running – panting and catching my breath.

I was ecstatic, shock, I didn’t understand whether to jump for joy or cry for being scared silly.

It was okay if the feeling was just a simple déjà vu, but what I experienced was like a replay from the dream. The events that happened in my dreams were like vivid pictures flashing in my mind, replaying each day like it just happened yesterday.

I composed myself and sluggishly walked towards the nearest Lotto outlet, entirely forgetting about school. Since we became poor, we relied on so many things to get us by – including luck. Every night we would watch the Lotto announcement hoping it would save us from our predicament.

I had bought a ticket with a whopping seventy million prize and stared at it blankly until the sun went down. Still in a daze, I went home and stayed up late to watch the Lotto announcement on TV.

The next thing I knew; I was lying on a bed with an IV infusion, my mother’s crying and howling fueled the room.


I knew from that day on. It was not just a dream.

A second chance was given to me to redo my life.

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